3 Ways Resell and Value Go Hand-In-Hand

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Up-sell and resell! It’s how to add value to online marketing.


Business owners love customers! But even better are repeat customers. But how do we add lifetime value to them and their business? Through resell. Resell is the third R in the four R’s of the online marketing framework. And it goes hand-in-hand with value. Here’s how.

1. Resell. Literally.

Reselling the same product or service to existing customers adds value to them as customers. It extends their customer lifecycle. They buy more of the same thing, and that’s good. Return business is awesome. How do we add more?

2. Up-Sell. Sell them up!

Up-selling adds even more value than reselling because the same customer you already have buys more than what they’ve already purchased. Up-selling includes getting the customer to purchase add-ons to what they’ve already purchased. It also includes enticing them to purchase more expensive items than what they’ve purchased in the past. If they’ve liked this particular product in the past, they’ll love this bigger-better-stronger-faster and more expensive product, right? Up-selling adds to the lifetime value of the customer through upgrades or enhancements. Because if someone loves their widget, they certainly want to upgrade it to the latest and greatest version of that widget! Adding value again.

 3. Cross-Selling is the Cherry on Top

Once a customer comes back to you for repeat business, they have real customer lifetime value once they purchase more than they did the first time. A great way to get them to do this is through cross-selling. Online marketing is a great way to induce your customers to buy complimentary products and services to enhance their originally purchased product.

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