5 Ideas For Your Irresistible Offer

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Latest Practices in Creating a Freebie as a Giveaway

Making site visitors sign up for your emails requires more than just good looks. Ethical bribery is now an order. This is a process of delivering a freebie or a giveaway as a tempting incentive, so that your target individual can be part of your e-mail list.

Most online entrepreneurs decide to give away a restructured eBook that has PLR or private label rights. What they do not know is that many issues spring up with this move. PLR eBooks seem to put down your business image before you even start the ball rolling. The content of most of these eBooks is usually outdated and not useful. With this type of information, visitors often see you less than how you present yourself as a business. Another negative attribute of PLR eBooks is that they are not attractive enough.

Why Do You Have to Give Away Freebies?

Giving away a freebie or free stuff is always an irresistible offer. If done right, you will have the edge  as a small business owner. Here are some of the reasons why freebies can make it happen for your small start up:

  • It creates buzz. News travels fast. Posts about your freebies can easily travel through social networks. If you offer free drinks or food at your bar, guests will surely sign up and make plans with friends to get together. People pay attention once a friend tells them about a local business that gives away free things.
  • It makes visitors try your services or products without taking a great risk. If an item or service is given without commitment, consumers tend to try it more often. Trial offers, free samples, or free passes work like a charm for small businesses. If the consumer likes it, then you will be sought after next time.
  • It makes the customers stay and buy. Every consumer has the choice to leave or disappear, once you hand the freebie. If you entice the consumers correctly, you will have them spending on your company. Giving freebies most certainly make buyers check out your products and services. If they like the rest of the items, they just might add them into their cart before they check out.

How to Come Up with the Right Freebie

  • Making podcasts. Many consumers listen to podcasts as they do their daily activities. Podcasts are portable and easy to make.
  • Making videos. This can be a perfect and lively way to introduce your company and overall business. Just make sure that it is meant for your target audience and that it can be shared. Today nearly 90% of all Internet traffic is videos!
  • Making eBooks. See to it that your eBook concerns your business  and clients. It should have original, relevant, and valuable content. Make sure that you review the content often and update it.
  • Hosting Webinars. A content-based webinar introduces your company and will surely haul in many opt-ins for email subscriptions.
  • Making E-courses. Mini E-courses can pre-sell your products and services to your target audience very easily.

Take note that when a freebie is presented it is always an irresistible offer to consumers. You can never go wrong if you create your freebie the right way.



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