The 9 Best Social Media Tools

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Figuring out what works well to enhance social marketing is not easy. It is incredibly time consuming to manage several different tasks from blogging to marketing and advertising. Social media tools can help simplify your job. However, it is often tricky to choose which among the various social media tools can meet your needs. Oftentimes it’s a good idea to try a few of them, but you can also take a cue from social media mavens when it comes to the best tools that can fast track your job.

Take a look at these 9 hottest social media tools recommended for use by the pros.

1. Tweetdeck – An excellent tool that covers your basic Twitter needs, Tweetdeck is ideal for beginners who are just navigating through messaging. The one “deck” feature makes it easier to see the ongoing online interactions at a glance.

2. SharedCount – If you want to get quick information about your website’s social influence SharedCount is a nice little social media tool to provide you with accurate snap shot. The tool tells the number of shares, likes, etc. that in turn give you an idea how your content is performing.

3. TweetReach –The right Twitter tool to help you monitor the status of your tweets, TweetReach provides data on the actual impact and influence of your social media discussions. This social media tool identifies who your followers are so you can target the right people to share and promote your online content.

4. LikeAlyzer – This free Facebook analysis tool has stats and insights to help you measure the potential and success of Facebook pages. By evaluating activities and dialogues, you can explore more possibilities to ensure business success.

5. Klout – Despite its image as one of the most controversial social media tools, Klout is popular for its scoring system that measures your Twitter influence. This tool is a good way to monitor your product based on how it influences people. Using the generated score, you can adjust your posts to your audience’s preferences to boost your engagement rate.

6. Social Mention – This free listening tool is popular among social media enthusiasts for its ability to provide more in-depth data analysis and measure brand influence in terms of audience strength, sentiment, passion and reach. A daily email sent to you documents all the information.

7. IFTTT –This automation app allows users to do a wide range of activities and connect to more than 90 channels like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, etc. With IFTTT, users can connect together by creating and sharing conditional statements called “Recipes”.

8. Buffer – Buffer is a social media tool that automatically adds your post at optimal times when it can be reached by more audience. This Twitter tool can be installed as browser extension for Firefox, Safari or Chrome to enable you to tweet anytime.

9. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is a free social media management tool that covers multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+ Pages, in one convenient dashboard. It provides weekly analytics reports with superb team management facility ideal for social media accounts with several administrators

The pros have spoken. Check out which social media tool is a good fit for your needs.
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