Anatomy Of An Effective Lead Generation Page

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What makes up an effective lead generation page?

Before I get into the specifics of a lead generation page, I think that we should start with a definition.

lead generation page is a single website page used to convert visitors into prospects.  This is done through several key design elements on the page to “convince” the visitor to take action.  Action can be click a button, fill out a form, email you or call you.

Now let’s take a look at a lead generation page example



  • Section A – The Header
The header should contain an attractive logo.  The logo should not be too large or too small.  If your company has a slogan you can place it under the logo
  • Section B – The Irresistible Offer
This section is the first place your vistor’s eyes will go.  Industry experts agree that you have less than 3 seconds to capture the visitors attention before they click on the back button and search again.  This section is where most businesses fail.  Most business websites do not even contain an irresistible offer or if they do it is hidden somewhere on the page.  You will notice this offer is above the “fold”.  The “fold” is the section of screen the visitor can see without having to scroll.

Your offer should be appealing to the eyes with graphics, multiple colors, bullet points, etc…  Be careful to not over do it because the visitor will decide quickly if they should stay on your page, so it needs to be readable.

Guidelines: One sentence bold headline, short 1 -2 sentence sub text leading into 5 – 7 short bullet points highlighting your service or offer.

  • Section C – The Opt-In Form (The Action)

The opt-in form or action section can be to the right of the offer or just below it depending on the size of the offer.  This section is the action you want the user to take in order to get your offer.  If the visitor likes your offer enough and they have decided to take the next steps this section will show them what to do next.  Again if you are using a opt-in form it should be graphical if at all possible to draw the user to it.  It should contain a small summary of the offer to remind the visitor what they are going to get in return for giving you their information.

Examples: Free Quote, Discount Percent or Dollar Amount, Consultation

  • Section D – The Welcome Text

A short blurb welcoming the visitor and a description of your business, product or service.  Chances are once you have the visitor’s attention with the offer, before they fill in the form, they are going to scroll down and make sure that you are someone they want to do business with.  Make sure you explain the key points.

  • Section E1, E2, E3 – The Feature Benefit Boxes

This section which is towards the bottom of the page can be a wide range of formats, but the important thing to remember is what you add to the boxes.  You want to write 3 short blurbs highlighting key benefits of your product or service.  These sections will help wrap up in the users mind if they are going to move forward with you.

Lead Generation Page Summary

As you can see the anatomy of an effective lead generation page is very simple in nature.  However, don’t let the simplicity fool you from the proven effectiveness of converting visitors into prospects.

Remember once a visitor becomes a prospect it is now up to you to convert them into a customer. My job as an online Internet entrepreneur is now complete.

If you would like to find out more on how iMarketing Leader can create a new lead generation page or complete new website for you please contact us today.

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