Avoiding the 7 Most Deadly SEO Mistakes

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, SEO

Every website,whether new or old has a few things that we need to look at in order to evaluate the site and it’s workings from an SEO standpoint. There are seven different things that should be reviewed when doing a website audit that you can check for yourself as you go over your website.

The big 7 deadly sins from an SEO standpoint are:

1. Lack of high quality, unique local content-if you’re not consistently updating and adding content to your website then you are going to fall behind people who are doing that. Add new content to your social media and your site at least weekly if not more frequently.

2. Keyword strategy is non-existent-know what keywords you are trying to rank for and  use them faithfully as well as LSI versions of them.

3. Little or no reviews-get reviews about your services and your work on Google plus, Google places and anywhere else that you can accomplish it. They make a very big difference.

4. Inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) across all directories-Keep your name and your address and phone number consistent. Transparency is the key to getting a good name and a good branding for your company.

5. Not using infographics & videos-Graphics, info graphics and videos are interesting and they draw in people to review what else you might have to say. Get something that adds visual interest on your site and update those graphics regularly.

6. Social media should always be present on your site-Lacking links to your social media means that your customers are going to assume that you don’t have it. Any company out there worth their salt is interacting with their customers using social media.

7. Websites that are not mobile optimized-are leaving about half of their traffic on the table today. Get your site at least responsive so that people who are using tablets and smart phones are able to access your website. 

The first line of defense of any site owner or webmaster is to view these areas of the site and make sure that they fall in line with SEO best practices today. 

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