Best Practices for Local SEO in 2014

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, SEO

Local SEO has been demystified in 2014. There are a variety of practices that are considered “best practice.” Yes we know that phrase is on the Forbes overused buzz phrases, but in this case it fits. Here’s what’s working best for your local SEO in 2014.

Google + page optimization seems to be a must have component for your local SEO. In fact, many companies who do not have that are finding that Google overlooks them in indexing and your optimized page, conversely, means that you are ranked nearly immediately. Google also tends to feature them well in search listings in mobile.

Take steps to ensure that your citations, NAP listings and all of your  address data are accurate. These citations are a must do and an imperative signal for ranking in  your local area this ear. They work in much the same way that the backlinks are going to do when your site is global rather than local.

Have your writers add those local keywords into your pages. It can be a real challenge to accomplish but it’s a necessity if you want to rank for the local area. Make sure that the terms are in there in a way that is interesting and informational. Using them in a way that looks and sounds robotic means that your ranking is going to be significantly lower.

Make good use of business directory listings and claim them in any directory that is local to you. These citations are going to be fast and easy to get and will help you immensely in your local SEO and traffic rankings.

Take steps to get the best reviews that you can and get some testimonials on your  Google+ Place pages. Place a link to your review pages so that they can easily find the way to make a review for you. Most people find Google + particularly difficult to work with when it comes to leaving reviews and for that reason, many people don’t offer them. Give yourself an edge by linking to your Google + review page to help your customers get through the maze.
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