How To Expand Your Company’s Brand Through Online Marketing

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Fueling Digital Marketing for an Optimized Brand

Do you want your products leaping off the shelf, get people talking about your brand or your sales growing? If these are your clear goals, you need to focus on connecting your brand to specific visual and verbal elements eliciting recognition from your target audiences. This is not an easy goal to achieve; you need brand optimization. This is not cheap in this digital age either. You need to have an adequate marketing budget to optimize your brand.

Digital marketing is all too important if you want to enjoy a growing business, an expanding brand and increasing profits. The whole world has moved online, including your target market and your loyal patrons. You need to get your business there or you lose them to more digitalized competitors. 

Get Yourself Found

You heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is how you can get your company brand and products found on the vast Internet. With about 91 percent of your target market using the search engines, you can lose them if your website ranks poorly in the SERP (search engine results page). SEO can drive traffic and leads to your site. This is why about 94 percent of businesses spend on it. 

Take a Share in the Local Search

If you want customers in the local area buying from you, they need to see you on their laptops, and better yet, on smartphones and tablets. You will be surprised at the incredible quantum leap that local search has made from 1 billion to 4 billion in just 7 years (2007 to 2013). That’s an unbelievable 300 percent growth. Get a share of that pie by getting your website optimized for mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce Needs a Responsive Site

With the amazing growth of mobile commerce, make sure you don’t just have a version for mobile marketing. It is also important to make sure its design is responsive. This means your audience can see everything clearly on their small mobile screens and the pages are loading fast enough so customers need not wait.   

Optimizing Social Media Channels

If you want to reach your target market inexpensively and in real time, use social media effectively. Managing social accounts can take so much time, but it is one digital strategy you can’t afford to leave out. Make your brand strong by optimizing your social media channels.

Get Capable Hands to Help You

Digital strategies are not so easy to do for marketers who are not technologically savvy. The solution is not to stick to traditional marketing methods or to ignore digital strategies. The technique is to combine the best practices of both and get professionals to help you. Even if you are savvy, you just have no time to do everything. 

Aim for Competitive Advantage

If you just realized you need a strategic online presence, you need to work harder to catch up with your competitors. You can’t afford to do trial and error; you need a site that is responsive. Decide on your marketing budget, hire professionals with an exceptional track record and focus on growing your business.

Fuel Digital Strategies with Adequate Marketing Budget

Most online (and offline) marketers are increasing their marketing budget to bolster digital marketing efforts. Be guided by recent surveys and reports to know the trends and so you can allocate your earnings and investments smartly. 

How Much to Allocate in Digital Marketing

It is most important to set aside part of your earnings to continue to subsidize digital marketing campaigns and innovations. Startups need 20 to 30 percent of their projected income infused into the business to power its digital marketing. 

Harness your digital marketing budget wisely by hiring professionals who understand online marketing and brand optimization better. Don’t waste money; use it to cause a stir and make a big impact generating more responses and results from your target audience.


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