5 Call to Action Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Website Conversions

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Foundation, Training, Website

You tried every trick in the book to get visitors to your pages – optimized landing pages, relevant and great content, usable pages and website design, and great products/services. The metrics reflect a steadily improving trend any webmaster would be happy about. A lot of potential visitors come to your site, but most seem to go without a conversion. What seems to be the missing link? Check the CTA or call to action. Remember smart sales copies can only be as great as their compelling and strategically placed CTA?

The Calls to Action are like gatekeepers of the landing pages in your website. They jump out to page visitors once they decide to drop by and stay long enough to appreciate the value of your product/service. They are crucial in website conversions of mere visitors to patronizing or buying clients. If you are regularly monitoring your site metrics, you need to re-evaluate your CTA when despite having high traffic, there is low conversion.

There are five common call-to-action mistakes that you can be doing in your landing pages. 

1. Missing CTA. If your call to action is nowhere to be found, or placed right where it goes unnoticed, it is not serving its purpose. A “Buy Now” button is not the same as a call to action; CTAs are more than that. These are compelling statements that grab visitors’ attention. There are many selling sites, unfortunately, that have nothing close to a functional CTA. Check yours.

2. Weak request for the sale. To convince buyers that your product/service can solve their problem, you need to believe it too. That is felt by your target market when you confidently request the sale. Despite the confident stance, you cannot just jump the gun on them. Guide them through the process for them to appreciate the features and benefits of the product/service before guiding them to eventual purchase.

3. Too many options. If you don’t want to overwhelm your potential buyers, don’t overwhelm them with too many calls-to-action. Putting in several CTAs is tantamount to pressure selling, which you don’t want to do. All it takes is a single, effective and focused call to action to convert better.

4. Feeble social proof. Credibility is something you want to build and flaunt around in the marketplace. Who is using your brand or label? Are there great reviews and comments about your product/service from satisfied customers? They make great trimmings to your call to action; surround your CTA with them. Customers will feel confident clicking the “Buy Now” button with that reinforcement.

5. A CTA that’s invisible. Calls to action are meant to be seen. Whether it is a visual or text CTA, it must pop out. For that to happen, it has to be cleverly integrated and blended in the website design. Make it big, bold and right up there in the page where it seizes attention. If you fail to do this, your visitors will leave your page without seeing the CTA or taking the action do you want them to make.

Visit your own website now and check if any of these call-to-action mistakes are standing in the way of website conversions. Ask the help of some friends. If they say they are not seeing the benefits and the next steps connected with your CTA, you know your clients won’t either.

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