Can Content Marketing Really Make Conversions Easier?

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8 Content Marketing Strategies Leading to Conversions 

Content marketing is important to boost web ranking. But, many times, content writers are more concerned about showing off pieces of verbiage mastery to impress the reading public. While it is good skill, it is only half the battle in creating a successful content marketing to distribute valuable information about the company and convert the audience into patronizing customers. Knowing how you can complement your content with a conversion strategy is the key to make your webpage flourish. 
In order to meet your prospects at the point where they can decide or commit to action, take a look at these eight strategies to optimize your content marketing for more conversions.
1. Provide a clear user path for navigation – Help your visitors find their way to what they’re looking for. Make it easy for them to locate what they want by providing them with one clearly defined navigation bar, augmented with text links that can lead them to other useful resources you want them to investigate as well.
2. Play with lots of imageries – These days people tend to have a shorter attention span. There’s no better way to call attention than to use relevant images and videos to tell your story without boring visitors with wordy descriptions or explanations.
3. Use consistent design – Just as your content needs to flow in consistent tone and style, your page must bear a design element that will help visitors associate it easily. The overall appearance of your website has a great impact on how long you can keep a visitor linger longer to browse through without feeling pressured or bored. 
4. Optimize for mobile and different devices – Make your content accessible for all devices of different sizes and shapes coming out from the market. You’re bound to lose the race if you’re not optimized for mobile devices.
5. Create unique, valuable content – The very best way to strengthen your conversions is by creating content that is valuable, sharable and leads logically to the next step – increased conversion rate on sales.
6. Eliminate distractions – If you want to increase conversions, guide your audience straight to the path you want to take them. Avoid choking the page with links, email-gated content, and other diverting contents that can sidetrack readers away from a page with call to action.
7. Create killer calls to action – Optimize your calls to action with some thought. Make sure to test the various elements, and make every effort to make your CTA stand out from the rest of the page. That way, your prospects know exactly where to click when they are ready to heed your call to action. 
8. Encourage viral sharing – Create sharing buttons to allow your audience to easily click when they find your content worth sharing in social media.
The best way to proceed with content marketing is to make sure that in the process of creating your content, conversion is very much part of the thought flowchart. Your content must be able to keep your visitor’s interest long enough for them to make a sale. If they dally for a while during their first visit, a constantly refreshed and relevant content is enough reason to make them coming back to be nourished with more information until they are finally ready to click the order button. 

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