7 Steps To Get The Most From Your Mobile Website

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Mobile phones make the internet accessible from just about any location. We can keep in touch with friends, family and business associates. We can research topics and find current information. For even more convenience, we can shop for nearly anything online. Mobile marketing is becoming more and more prevalent. Research shows that almost 70 percent of online browsers who use a mobile device to visit a website, will prefer to continue to shop with the device, instead of using a PC. The same studies reveal that users who run across a site that is not designed to be easily viewed and navigated with a mobile phone, will quickly move on to one that is.

7 steps to get more from your mobile site:

  1. To be certain that your users are arriving at your site’s mobile version, make the best use of redirects.
  2. Use all the tools available to you, such as your analytics account. Do some research to determine what devices viewers are using to visit your site. Spend some time on each device, tablets and smartphones, to experience appearances and functionality for yourself.
  3. Keep in mind that using Flash should not really even be a consideration, since Flash and IPhones are not compatible, and using Flash for Androids is nearly a thing of the past.
  4. Avoid adding pop-up ads. These will bring the site’s load times to a crawl and will drive visitors away from their goal, resulting in a loss of interest. You may also need to reconsider whether you should continue running your currant ads.
  5. Set up a HTML5 player to display video clips. Each video should be responsive, allowing them to adjust to the size of the mobile screen they will be viewed on.
  6. Remember that pages burdened with images can take more time to load. Images should be used wisely and strategically. They attract attention, yes, but if it takes too long for them to render, they are not going to be viewed if your user gets impatient, loses interest, and moves on.
  7. Keep your titles, sub titles, and written content direct and concise. Our schedules are all very busy, and we very often do not have time to spend reading a lengthy script to glean the information we need.
To hang onto your potential visitors, these are some of the steps you should take, investing in the time it takes to make your site accessible, functional, and enjoyable.

How Web Design College Station Can Help Your Bottom Line

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Understanding how web design college station affects your bottom line

5 seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to prove your business is worthy of someone’s time.

5 seconds for them to decide if you’re trustworthy, if your products or services are what they’re looking for and if what you offer is of value to them.

That’s not a lot of time! That’s why web design is crucial to getting people to your site and keeping them there.


Here’s how web design can help your bottom line.

Lay the Foundation

More than 75% of new customers will decide to do business with you only after visiting your website. Your web design can help lay the foundation for continued use. Offering the right information, in the right format will get them to stick around and improve the odds of getting those visits converted to sales.


Research and testing has shown many things about web design and what’s effective and important, but pretty consistently it has shown that credibility is one of them most important factors in keeping people on your site. Your College Station web design must create a sense of trust, that you are a company that is reliable and credible and worth their time. And if they spend more than 5 seconds on your site, chances improve exponentially that they will also trust you with their business.

Make it Dynamic!

A dynamic website gives the sense that your business is thriving and growing and in tune with your customers. Web design in College Station should include great content as well as a design that is easy to navigate and simple to find what you’re looking for and that is updated regularly to include new and current information for visitors.

We’ve all been to websites that we couldn’t leave fast enough. And we’ve all been to websites that are easy to use, that we trust from the get-go and that we are happy to return to over and over again. How do you want your site to look? Your web design can influence whether or not traffic converts to sales and can directly affect your bottom line. Make sure your site is up to the task!

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The #1 Question on Web Design in College Station: How Do I Turn My Website into a Customer Magnet?

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For Web Design, College Station Residents Follow These Expert Tips

In order to have a good web design, College Station pros know several elements have to fall in line. These start with stellar coding skills to create a fun experience, and dwell down to optimized content so your site will get noticed. There are no get-rich-quick schemes for creating successful sites online. web-design-college-station

Aim for a Simple, Helpful Web Design

The most important factor in having a stellar online business is nailing the layout in regard to your target market. It has to be simple for them to use, while reinforcing the kind of style they see in themselves. It also has to be able to function in a helpful way. The bigger the value you provide, the more likely you are to draw a crowd.

Take for instance, Target.com. It’s crisp and clear design is remindful of their brick and mortar stores, but moreover, it has easy-to-use features allowing visitors to check on prices and availability in stores in your area. Many online customers would rather just pick an item up from a local shop instead of waiting – and paying for – shipping. They get many hits from this feature alone.