Is Your Content Missing an Afterlife?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Content Marketing

Mistakes to Avoid If You Want an Afterlife for Your Content 

Each article you write or video you produce is special. It is something you watched grow, just like your baby. You think it is awesome and you expect it to be noticed, even “go viral.” A viral afterlife, after all, is what every website owner engaged in content marketing wants, but it is unpredictable. 

It is disheartening when it does not catch fire as you expected. Of course, you are aware there are no guarantees that your content will catch the fancy of your target audience. If most content you make seems to be performing poorly in the SERP (search engine results page) or some other assessment tools, it is time to find out what your content lacks or how you can give it an afterlife. 

There are no surefire formulas to make your content go viral each time, but there are certain mistakes you can avoid to give it an afterlife.

Here are three things to think about:

1. It lacks emotional appeal. If you know your audience well enough, you would know how they feel and what their concerns are. You need to tap these areas and be able to offer them real solutions that work. You need to show it right from the title down to the very heart of your content. Fulfill that promise you made in the title; don’t depart from that or use lots of fluff in the body to keep them reading. Using emotional words or phrases that will touch their consciousness and emotions is important.

2. The content is poorly distributed. Even the most noteworthy content can be lost in the Web in a few hours or in a day. Getting your content buried in the cyber space is inevitable, but you can delay it a bit by sharing your content using the right social channels. Remember, just picking the social channels may not be enough. You need to give it a little push and you need to tap the interested audience who will want to share it. This is where your influential connections can help. An influential connection with the right audience can help give your content the exposure it needs, which it may not easily get on its own.

3. The content is not worth sharing. Check out the value and relevance of your content. Is it something that strikes a chord with your target audience? Does it address a pain point, offer wisdom or insight, or share an inspiring experience? Is it something they would want to share for a good laugh or is it so weird they would want it shared for the heck of it? If it is not any of these, expect your audience to be less interested. 

How do you make your content viral? At the very least, how can you give your content an afterlife? Every marketer engaged in content marketing would pay huge bucks to know the answers to these questions. You may not have a magic bullet for it, but recognizing and rectifying these three mistakes can help better position your content to reach a wider audience, the kind who will pay attention to it and share it. 

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