Top 6 Email Marketing 101 Tips

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Top 6 Email Marketing Tips

Are you looking for more ways to market your products and services online? Have you given up on email marketing? You should not. It is by far, the most consistent form of communication for business and personal matters alike. However, there are strategies that you should integrate with your email marketing process.

Here are a 6 email marketing tips:

1. Links inside your email. Your email may contain narratives of introducing your company or promoting a new product or service of your business. What you should not forget is to include a link of it within the narrative of your email. You can also customize your signature to contain the website of the company you are promoting. This way, the recipient can easily view what you are talking about.

2. Use images sparingly. If possible, do not add any images in your email. Note that the way you set up your email may not be the same way the recipient set theirs. The rest of your email may be disregarded when the recipient sees a large photo upon opening your email. Most of the time, if they are not interested with the image that is included in your email, they would not read the rest of your letter.

3. Obvious unsubscribe link or button. You may have a list of people that you send automatic updates or newsletters. To avoid annoyed potential clients, make sure that they can readily unsubscribe from your email list with an unsubscribe link or button in your email.

4. Maximize your email format. As mentioned earlier, your recipients will have different email settings. Some may preview the content of your email first before proceeding to open them up. Ensure that you are not using the first few parts of your email with an advertising banner such that the recipient loses interest. Should you have to use images, ensure that your HTML email template does not exceed 600 pixels.

5. Bear in mind that you are sending emails to busy individuals. Business-oriented individuals will not have sufficient time to read their personal and business emails, let alone email marketing ones. Most of the time, they will just browse through your email and read for the key points. As such, keep your email short and concise. If you have to use long words, use bullets or list them. You can also use links inside each heading if short words are not enough to explain your point.

6. Test before sending. Before you go ahead and send your email marketing letters to different email addresses, try sending them first to yourself or to your network, indicating that it is a test. Look at how your email appears and screen it for anything that may give off a bad impression such as wrong use of words or grammar and typographical errors. This way, you can ensure that you already see how your email will appear when the recipient sees them.

Because email can literally detect spam content, using effective strategies will help to prevent your email going to the spam folder, where it will remain unread. By ensuring that you look at how your email appears when the recipient reads it will help to ensure that your email gets read by their recipient instead of getting deleted without being opened at all.

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