Five Incredible Branding Methods That Will Increase Your Visibility

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Branding

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet that will help them to increase their visibility in search. We all want to be the first thing that people see when they seek out a given keyword term.

The truth is that most of us could get it right using the simplest methods. All of the marketing gurus in the world can’t help you if you don’t have the basics on your website.

What are the basics?

1. Your website has to be right. A high quality, mobile ready, responsive website that shows up on any device that might be used to search it is job one. If you have great content and super products and they can’t see them, you’ve really gained nothing.

2. Social media is out there and it’s working. It’s something that people are using by the millions and they are looking for products and services. If yours are not there, they are going to choose the ones that are.

3. Banner ads and other advertising methods are going to be helpful to you in showcasing your products and services. Display ads will also help with brand recognition and top of mind marketing.

4. PPC or Pay per click advertising will help to get the people to where your products are showcased. This one may be a bit less important than the others. In many cases you’ll use PPC to drive initial traffic and as you build on the other site components, overtime you’ll need less PPC in order to get that traffic.

5. Content that helps them to learn more about the products and services that you offer and how to use them is the best way to bring in well targeted traffic to your site.

Now that you’ve got the methodology down, lather, rinse and repeat.

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