Google Hummingbird, Google Penguin 2.1, Google Encrypted Search Explained

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Todd McPartlin founder of iMarketing Leader and author of “Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online” explains the recent changes by Google.



Transcript of The Future Of Online Marketing

The Future of 
Online Marketing

Google Hummingbird
What is Hummingbird?
Launched late Aug 2013 announcement almost 1 month later
Entirely new algorithm
Over 200+ ranking factors
Main focus is on answering longer, complex queries

Penguin 2.1 Highlights
Continues to target over optimization – even more aggressive
Removes authority of sites that are penalized, thus potentially lowering ranking if your site is using a backlink from it
What To Do?
Google Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools
Use 3rd Party Analytics
Create Content Silos
Answering The Question
Checking Flights
Knowledge Graph
Answering questions w/o leaving search
Understands the intent of the query and context of all pages in their index
Football scores
Penguin 2.1
Announced on Oct. 4th
What to Do?
Loss In Traffic
10% – 20% (Don’t Panic)
50%+ (In Penalty Zone)
Create content diversity
Press Releases
Social Signals
What To Do?
Answer questions that your clients or customer might have
Don’t focus on keywords – rather focus on providing value
Content, Content, Content
Major Google Changes
Penguin 2.1
Encrypted Search
Google rolls out encrypted search
Google Analytics Disappearing?
Protecting Privacy or Driving PPC Revenue?
Keyword Tracking gone by Dec 1
Building complete packages only
Our Services
Video, Press Releases, Content
Less focus on keywords
Paid Search
More Diverse Content Than Ever
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