Got Mobile? The Time Is Now

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Web Design

Catching on Mobile Marketing … Now

Mobile has become fully entrenched into the very fabric of modern life. It’s one of those must-have things that people keep in their purses, bags or pockets. You sleep with it. You take it to the shower. You eat with it beside you. Whether you’re a big fan or not is beside the point; it has become a powerful gadget so that you can’t live a normal modern day life without it.

If you are in marketing, especially local, it’s a no brainer that your business needs a mobile website to engage in mobile marketing. It has been proven to help businesses endure competition and make it thrive, even flourish. 

If you are hopping on the bandwagon, it makes sense to know why you must make your site optimized for mobiles, how you may benefit and what you may expect from it. 

1. It makes Google happy. Google created and launched a few features on mobile first such as the most recent version of Google Maps and ad format. These are indications that Google knows something that the rest of the web masters and marketers don’t. For instance, this search engine knows that more than 65 percent of searches start with mobile. This figure provides the basic premise that a business wanting to be found (and grow) must have mobile visibility and the knack to effectively use it in its marketing campaigns.

2. Mobile devices are widely owned and used. With normal individuals owning and using about 3.1 mobile devices (on the average) connected to the Internet, reaching them gets much easier through their mobiles. Varied surveys and researches report staggering figure – 85 percent of the population own smartphones, 65 percent have laptops, 48 percent have tablets, and 40 percent own mp3.

3. Mobile generates more conversions. With the portability of handheld smartphones and tablets, comparing prices and features can be done anywhere and anytime; these lead to about 70 percent conversion within the hour. This explains why over 90 percent of consumer comparison websites are optimized for mobiles. This also justifies the need to have a responsive design.

4. The need for responsive designs. Just having a mobile website is not enough. It is also essential that it has a responsive design. This means it shows well on the device despite a smaller monitor or screen and it loads at a fairly good speed. Interested consumers can’t be expected to wait. 

5. The challenge: how to use it. Mobile marketing is a strategy you can no longer ignore. Businesses understand this, which is why 2 out of 3 businesses are now adopting it. About 70 percent of the converters, however, aren’t skilled enough to make it work for them. Current users consider the lack of know-how to be their biggest challenge. For instance, many websites with mobile versions are still not optimized. Many are not even aware that the leading form of mobile marketing is a mobile website.

The number of people using their mobile devices to browse websites is on the rise. If your site is not optimized yet for mobiles or it still has no mobile version, it is most important to catch up now. The train is not coming; it is here. 



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