How to attract more leads to your website using infographics

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One of the best and fastest ways to make information dissemination quickly viral is by making use of infographics. Simply put, it is the visual illustration of complex information presented in a simplified manner to make it more comprehensive for the viewers.

Living in this fast-paced era, obtaining information that can be obtained at a glance are highly valuable to make use of time more efficiently.  Making use of engaging yet valuable information will give more value to your site. With the right execution and use of infographics, it will prove to be a highly valuable tool to help you generate more leads for your site.

Maximize your website’s potential for more traffic by sharing interesting infographic materials to quickly make it viral.

What makes an infographic highly valuable? Relevance of information and execution.

 More than all the fancy graphic designs, what makes it valuable is the presentation of relevant data over a visual platform. The cohesiveness of words, maps, diagrams and images should be able to give the users the information that they require and give it to them quick! 

Here are ways that you can make use of infographics for a more effective lead generation:

  • Make your content controversial!

What makes content viral and valuable is the information itself; create your infographics engaging in a way that will make the viewers want to view what you have to say. Pack it up with excellent and engaging graphics and information and you will have something worth sharing.

  • Be Direct & Concise

Don’t beat around the bush, give your users what they are looking for in a direct and concise manner. Present your data in a systematic manner that will make your viewers easily comprehend what you intend to share. Before anything else, plan your presentation to keep it straight to the point.

  • Make it share-able.

In order to gather new leads, make sure that the images you share is available for quick and easy sharing. Create a user-friendly platform that will enable users to share it in a wide variety of social media programs. Generate code snippets for your content that users can easily embed and copy. Integrating options like, share, pin and Tweet-this buttons will make it easier for users to share it online. Remember that the ultimate objective for the creation of infographics is for a viral sharing over a massive traffic population. As a result of sharing your content, you get to have free traffic and targeted backlinks for your site. 

  • Use social networking platforms.

Aside from the sharing options for your content, use your blog and social network to promote your infographic. Link it back to your site to make sure that you get leads that will see what your site can offer. Make use of your connections to make it a viral and valuable content. 

Making use of infographics makes it instantly easier to share over a wide variety of social media sharing platforms like Pinterest, tumblr, instagram, facebook and twitter. 

  • Optimize your image.

Use highly searched keywords relevant to your topic to optimize your infographic, structure your content in ways that will make it appear on top searches in Google.  With the right optimization and keyword use for your content, it can help you build more leads for your site. 

  • Share it with Directories

Niche specific directory sites have been created for the sole purpose of obtaining highly targeted traffic for your site, make use of their established traffic and maximize your content in a way that will provide you more traffic. Submit your content to the niche related directories available to help you get the traffic that you wish to obtain. 

  • Make it downloadable.

Your content should not only share-able but should be made available for downloading. By making it downloadable, others will be able to post it on their websites which in turn will provide you more backlinks for your site. 

With the right relevant information and creative execution of information and design, you can make a successful and viral lead generation in no time.

Examples of some of our infographics

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