Is Your Business Ready for the Next Facebook Pages Update?

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Prepare your Page: Checklist for the next Facebook page update

Have you been using Facebook pages for your businesses? If you have, heads up for the new update that will come to your pages. The update promises its users with a new and better user interface that will help maximize Facebook marketing for a more successful business campaign.

Thankfully, the Facebook update will not cause some drastic changes in terms of page management and analytics. Most of the changes will simply improve the appearance and optimize your pages to help users easily locate your Facebook page. 

The following is a checklist to help you prepare your pages for the next Facebook update:

1. Profile Picture & Cover Photo. The cover photo and the profile picture will be one of the biggest change that will be made with the pages. The profile photo will still have the same size but the image has been moved up to intersect further with the cover photo.

    • The Like and share buttons will be incorporated at the bottom part of your cover photo. Make sure to adjust your cover photo and remove any writing in the lower 65 pixels of your cover photo to help your audience easily locate the like button.
    • Add some border space at the top of your cover photo as well.
    • Adjust the text or image that would be under the profile photo to avoid overcrowding of texts in a single area.
    • You can try removing the company name from the profile photo as well, since the name will also appear in the overlay.

One of the first things that your visitors will notice in your page is your cover photo and profile picture, which is strategically located at the very top of your page. Remember to choose distinct images that will give you the best first impression with your audience. Choose a profile picture that can help your audience easily identify as your company. The profile picture can be your logo

2. New Timeline Format. The timeline can now be found at the right side of your page, in a single column. The left side of your page will have all your business information, images, and videos.

    • Make sure to update all your contact information to help users connect easily with you

3. Pages & Posts. Get up to 25% more room space for your posts, the pages and posts spans up to 511 pixels to help you feature larger images that will help make your content pop out attractively.

    • Take advantage of the larger exposure you get for your posts and images.
    • Optimize your pages and posts in a way that will engage your users to participate and interact.

4. Similar Pages Feature. When a user likes your page or one of your apps, a “Similar Pages” will come into view, which can contain some of your competitors’ pages as well.

    • With this change, make sure to bring some value for your customers that they won’t find with just another similar business available.

5.  New FB Page Apps location. What are these apps? These are the apps located at the right side of your brief description, beneath the profile picture. It serves to connect your other forms of media into your page to help users connect with you.

    • With the new update, the apps will now be positioned on the left side of the page. This change is considered as the least favorite, because the new Similar Pages feature is pushing down the apps and making it hard for users to find the available apps.
    • Make changes to the graphics of your apps and make it more attractive and catchy for your audience.

If you’re concerned about the changes this new update will bring to page administration and management properties, fear not since the all these tools will still be available for its page owners. In fact, the changes implemented have been optimized to provide the page administrators and managers with an easier access to the multiple analytics tools to generate a more efficient Facebook marketing campaign. 

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