Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

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Whether you are new to Internet Marketing or an experienced marketer, keyword research needs to be a foundational component to your business.

I am often asked the question what is the best keyword research tool?  When determining the answer to this question you need to think about what you are going to use a keyword tool for.

  • Find best keywords –  to use for niche marketing
  • Find profitable keywords – one reason to go into Internet Marketing to to make a profit, so finding the most used keywords can lead to profits
  • Find most popular keywords – most popular keywords are usually the most popular
Jaaxy.com is self described as the world’s most advanced keyword tool.  During my review of Jaaxy, I tend to agree with this statement.  There are many, many keyword tools, some free, some cheap and some fairly costly.  Jaxxy is an web based tool and at only $19 per month is a great bargin.  Like other keyword research tools, Jaaxy allows you to search based on a keyword phrase or exact keywords.  Jaaxy will display the money searches, estimated traffic and competition.  The way Jaaxy displays the competition is the best that I have seen in the business.  The tool breaks down competition into three categories: Quoted Search Results (QSR), Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) and SEO Power.
  • QSR – For QSR in Jaaxy the lower the number the better, but anything under 400 is good
  • KQI – The KQI light is the easiest and fastest way to see if you should spend anytime further with a particular keyword.
    • Red – too much competition stay away
    • Yellow – a lot of competition and you should use caution if you are going to go after that keyword
    • Green – low competition and you should look into it further
  • SEO Power – the higher the number the better chance.  This number is 1 – 100, so closer to 100 the better chance of ranking for that keyword
Inside the members area, I break down in videos how to use Jaaxy and how I use it in my business.  If you are not a member yet you can register here.
To sign up for Jaaxy, visit www.jaaxy.com.


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