Mobile Advertising for the Modern Business

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Today businesses have more ways to reach their customers than ever before. With more and more people being connected on the go, mobile platforms have become a viable advertising space for many companies. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, mobile platforms will account for almost 30 billion more search queries than traditional desktop and laptop computers. With statistics like that, businesses need to understand one thing.

In the very near future, mobile platforms will be the leading advertising hotspot.

To help businesses of all sizes increase brand awareness and market penetration, we’ve outlined a few simple ways in which you can start profiting from mobile advertising today.

Make the Most of Mobile Advertising Now

The first thing businesses should do, is optimize their existing web page to be mobile friendly. Business owners should aim for a site with a responsive and clutter free design that scales well for screen sizes on different devices.

Search engine optimization will also help with mobile advertising, and online advertising in general. By ranking better in search engines, businesses have more chance to make it to the top pages for their search terms. Mobile customers are even less likely to venture beyond the top two search pages so a high ranking is critical for mobile focused advertising. SEO practices can also get companies noticed with mapping services like Google Maps, giving customers even more ways to find them.

Paid ad platforms are also an option for businesses who really want to push their products. There are plenty of platforms to choose from including mobile heavy services like Google and Facebook, as well as established communities like Jumptap and Foursquare. Using traditional Display Ads for mobile marketing is another great opportunity.

Business owners should also aim for native advertising. This concerns advertising in places that are more relevant to the products being advertised, increasing the chances of engaging a receptive audience.

The Future is coming. Be a part of it.

There’s never been a better time to get involved with mobile advertising. IBISWorlds prepared a research report that revealed an advertising future where geo-location plays a big part. Advertisers will soon be able to push content and promotions to consumers at the most convenient moment, where they are most likely to engage.

Getting in early means you’ll have a foothold on your market. As the mobile market grows, so does your opportunity for advertising. It’s time to get on board, or get left behind.

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