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If you are a small business owner and not a techie like me you might be asking “What the heck is a mobile responsive website and why should I care?”.

So let’s first start with a definition

mobile responsive website is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience– easy reading and navigation with a minimum resizing, panning and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.)

– Wikipedia

Now that we all know what a mobile responsive website is you might still be asking yourself “why should I care?”.

Let me point out some statistics that may shock you.

  • Of the 8 billion people in the world, over 6 billion are mobile phone users! (TNS Global, 2012)
  • By 2014 mobile Internet is predicted to over take desktop Internet usage (Microsoft Tag, 2012)
  • Mobile Ad spending will reach $7.4 Billion by 2017! (Juniper Research, 2012)
  • Mobile Internet use/web traffic is up 202% in the last year! (Mobile Report, 2012)
  • 4 out of 5 smartphone users (~86 Million US users) use their smartphones to shop (AKA to buy things online) (comScore, 2012)

These are just some of the stats that are being collected to predict where mobile phone usage is heading.  If you are a small business and you do not have a mobile responsive site your competition is going to crush you over the next 3 years.

You might be wondering if there an opportunity for local mobile customers right now?  After all, thinking about the future is great, but as a small business owner you want results today.  Here are just a couple of stats that should make you contact a local marketing advisor today.

  • 25% of smartphone users say they have purchased something on their mobile devices in the past week! (Wave Collapse, 2012)
  • Mobile searches for restaurants have a 90% conversion rate, 64% within the hour! (Telemetrics, 2012)
  • 47% of ALL consumers confirm they use their mobile device to search for local information! (e-Tailing Group, 2012)
  • 18% of consumers have redeemed a mobile coupon in the past 90 days! (JWire, 2012)
  • Over 60% of all LOCAL searches are now done on a mobile device!

Well, we can now see that mobile local searching is already here!  You might be wondering how do I get there?  It is a multi step process, in order for you to not only get on this wave, but to capture the majority of potential customers in your area before your competition even realizes what hit them.

4 Steps to Mobile Responsive Website Dominance


  1. Your website must be a mobile responsive website.  There is no point in creating a website anymore that is not mobile optimized.  Mobile is the future and the future is now!
  2. Your site must be in the top three positions in the search engines.  The top three positions receive 62.66% of all the click-through traffic.  This is done using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. Your website must convert visitors into customers.  Traffic is just traffic if you don’t have an irresistible offer that will make the visitor contact you today.
  4. This final step will ensure your dominance over your competition.  You must keep your current customers engaged and have them thinking about you all the time.  This will lead to referrals and referrals are free marketing.  This can be done through social media, email marketing and a mobile apps just to name a few.

If you don’t want to handle this process on your own, I have great news for you.  There are local marketers that specialize in this process.  Contact me today, so I can customize a unique solution for your business.

Tip: If you want to see how your website looks on mobile devices click here. Then click on the Mobile Responsive Tester in the top left.

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