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Lead Magnet Strategies to Attract Subscribers and Followers

When you’ve set up your website and you’ve followed all white hat SEO best practices, the next thing you need to do is attract website subscribers or fan page’s followers.

How to start?

Ask yourself, what makes you stay interested at any page you are browsing? Is it the color of the website? Is it the information? Most of the time, you arrive at the website because you saw an interesting post, right? It may be an Instagram photo or a coupon code you’ve have wanted to get. Basically, there are two reasons visitors come and visit your website – one is interest and the other is need.

When you are interested to learn more about how to cook, you would naturally be looking for videos or recipes, right? If you need a discount on an item you wanted to buy, you would probably be looking for discount coupons. These are the strategies website owners pursue in order to get followers and subscribers.

You can use:

Videos. Depending on what your business is offering, you can upload a video of it to your YouTube account and embed the link to your website. For instance, you offer plumbing services. You can upload unique videos on the types of plumbing services your business offers. This way, you are not only providing information, but also generating an organic audience that would share and follow your page. It’s customary for users to share the videos they watched on social media when they find it interesting, helpful and sometimes comical.

Simple and easy to understand infographics. Want to show the difference between a professional and a duly licensed electrician and unlicensed one? Use a simple, yet enticing infographic. You want to advertise your company’s services in ensuring industrial safety? Use an infographic that comically depicts someone getting injured at work. You can post that infographic in your business blog or a blog hosting page that directs a link to your page.

Downloadable Forms. Do you assist individuals with processing documents? Are you in the logistics industry? Do you use forms for your business? Why not upload them to your website so potential customers will find and use them. It is seldom that customers find the forms they need by searching on the internet. You get the advantage if you upload them to your website.

Social Media Accounts. Don’t have social media accounts? It’s high time you have one. Build a pool of interested followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You can share the recent blog posts from your website to these social media accounts so potential customers can find you.

Discount Coupons. Managing a travel business? One effective strategy in increasing consumers is by posting the discount coupons in your website. You can also share such coupons on social media networks to increase leads.

What do these lead magnets do? They entice visitors and customers to go and visit your site. Once you’ve arouse audience interest with these strategies, you then generate natural and organic leads.


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