Is Ranking Dead? The Importance of Traffic Generation

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Why is traffic generation the key to your success?

Location, location, location! That’s the motto in real estate, and it’s not very different from what your motto should be for your online business. Where you are in relation to traffic is key to your success. And why is traffic so important? There many reasons you need to understand the importance of traffic generation.

First of All, What is Traffic?

Traffic is the number of people who go to your site. It can be measured by how many people view your site, the pages they view, and how much time they spend there. Links clicked on can also be tracked. All of this information will give you an idea of who is visiting your site and what areas they are drawn to. But to get this information, you need traffic so you have visitors to record.

Direct Link to Revenue?

Visits to your site do not automatically equal increased revenue. Have you ever been to a site and not purchased what was offered? Of course. But if no one sees your site, no one will know you have products or services to offer in the first place, so traffic generation is a direct link to the potential of increased revenue.

Word of Mouth, Or Social Media?

The more appealing your site, the greater the potential for visitors to sign up for newsletters or information or to follow you on social media. Traffic generation is often driven by people who see what their friends like and go check it out themselves. Without that original push for traffic generation, the word of mouth and social media shout outs are lower, reducing the opportunity for additional traffic generation.

Is traffic generation important to your business? Only if you want it to grow. iMarketing Leader can help your company with traffic generation. 

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