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Attention Small Business Owners… Are you tired of getting the calls from SEO companies claiming they can get you on the first page of Google for $100?  If so please read on…


My name is Todd McPartlin and I am the founder ofiMarketing Leader.  We are a local online marketing company based in Bryan, Texas.  Local does not limit us to Bryan, Texas, but refers to the our strategy of helping small local businesses dominate their local market.  One of the many services that we offer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  

While SEO has received a bad rap from startup companies, overseas companies and college kids, it is still a vital part to establishing your company and brand online.  Theses companies have made small business owners very skeptical about starting or starting another SEO campaign.  But like most other businesses we need to look past the scammers and find the legitimate companies to work with.

What makes iMarketing Leader a unique company?

  • We have a full-time team of 280 people dedicated to helping you build your online presence
  • We have 9 full-time people that study the trends of Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • We offer a full spectrum of services
  • We only use “White Hat” techniques to avoid the dreaded “Google Slap”
  • We are looking for partners, not just clients

One Company Per Niche, Per Geo Location

Our company mission is to help small businesses attract and retain more customers through online marketing.  One way that we accomplish our mission is to focus on you, the small business owner.  Any company that sells SEO to all the plumbers in a town is not working in the small business owners best interest.  After all there are only 10 spots on page one for any given keyword.  If you pay for a service you should expect great service.  An SEO company that is working in their own best interest (sell as many as you can) does not care if you are in the top 3 spots (which receive almost 63% of all the clicks).  At iMarketing Leader we have a different approach, we only want to work with one plumber in a town.  We work very hard to get them on the first page, but not just with one link but several so they can dominate the competition.  Once we have our partner in an area we want to be partners for life.  We will work very hard for you and only you.

Full-Time Dedicated Team

A lot of SEO companies just popup over night.  We have partnered with a company from Boise, Idaho with a proven track record amassing over $100 million dollars online.  Our team is a full-time team and we not only keep up with the latest news, but we are able to see the trends before they start.  This foresight gives our client partners a unique advantage over their competition.

Full Line of Services

Most Internet Marketing companies offer just one or two services.  We saw a need and we have filled that need.  Small business owners don’t want to work with a web company, SEO company, PPC company and another company for social media.  Frankly we see this as a major flaw in Online Marketing.  Unless all the companies are working together and communicating your services will not work in harmony together.  At iMarketing Leader we offer all your online services and we can do so with great quality because we have such a large team.

Client Partners Not Just Clients

We are looking for companies that want to build a long-term relationship.  We refer to our clients as partners because if you don’t succeed then we don’t succeed.  We want to help you develop all our marketing strategies online and offline.

White Hat Tatics

There are many ways to get a website ranked quickly.  Most of those ways use black hat techniques that are unethical and are usually against the terms and conditions of the search engines.  When these  sites are found they may be banned from the search engines for up to two years.  iMarketing Leader only uses white hat strategies, we are not interested in getting ranked in 24 hours.  We are looking to have our clients climb the search rankings in an efficient manner that will ensure a long presence on the first page.  During our discussion with potential client partners we not only talk about what we are going to do, but we show you.  You will see all the work items for each month that we will be doing for you.  Then each month you will receive a work order showing the work that was completed.


iMarketing Leader was created to help the small business owner.  We are truly powered by your success, so we are going to work very hard for you and your business.  Contact us today to setup an appointment.  You will notice from the first meeting the iMarketing Leader difference.

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