Top 2 Social Media Tips from a College Station SEO Firm

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The Best College Station SEO Advice Online

College Station SEO companies don’t often give their secrets away for free. There’s a surge in local advertising online, however, and too many businesses are being beaten by companies from outside the area. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to land a first page result in search engines when you follow these two simple tips:

 1. Take a Local Focus

 Every business with an offline presence should aim to be listed in four important resources on the web:social-media-college-station

  •  Google Places
  • Facebook Places
  • Bing Local, and
  • Four Square

These are the most popular methods consumers in College Station are using when they need solutions to daily problems. “Where should I buy my wedding dress?” “What movies are playing?” “Who has Chinese food?” These are the types of questions people are asking online, and these four site are delivering the answers. Be one of the options.

2. Get Involved in Social Media

If you’re not on Facebook and Twitter, start accounts today. Take an hour or so to create quality pages. Like any form of advertising, you want to give the best impression possible.

Use your accounts to post resource-rich content your customers would be interested in. Stay away from posting personal opinions and politics for your private accounts though. You could unknowingly drive sales away. Also, coupons specific to social network are a common and effective way to encourage customers to share your posts, and in doing so, recommend your business to their friends and family.

Most importantly, respond to posts to you, even if they’re criticisms. Customers will learn far more about your level of customer service if they can see it in action.

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