Top 5 SEO Tactics That No Longer Work in 2014

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6 SEO Tactics You Need to Quit Using

Through the years many SEO tactics have been developed by content writers and bloggers in an effort to drive traffic into their web pages. For the longest time, these strategies worked, but with the new algorithms that crawl through the web using them could be disastrous. If you have been using these tactics, you need to quit doing so immediately or risk being thrown into the abysmal bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs).

1. Keyword stuffing – It’s a wonder that this practice ever saw the light of day even without Panda and Penguin making their rounds. Ideally, the number of times a keyword is used should not exceed four or five times in a 500-word article. If you fill your article with keywords, the search engines will notice and you will be penalized with low ranking.

2. Writing “thin” articles – No longer is it possible to feature a 250 to 350 word article with a catchy title and enough keywords to bring in some readers via the search engines. If you go through the pages that manage to get into the first pages of search engines, you will find that these articles will usually contain 500 to 600 words, they usually have something valuable to say. Site pages and main blogs are now expected to present quality articles that are long enough to contain real substance. Micro-content needs to be positioned in FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Tumblr instead.

3. Articles that come from spinning – It is no longer possible to make the front pages of search engine results pages (SERPs) by just rehashing old articles and putting the keywords. Make sure that your content gives your visitors exactly what they have been led to think they will find; otherwise you will have too many people clicking away after a glance.

4. Filling up your site with links – When your site becomes a link-building battlefield its quality will suffer. Links are supposed to make up a logical and relevant network that are part of the page because it will benefit your readers – not SEO rankings. A sure sign that you are playing with links is when there is a site link to each page in your articles. Be forewarned: Google is fast becoming skilled at unearthing link wheels!

5. Bypassing social media – There was a time when web sites stood independently from social media. This is no longer true; successful websites and posts are those are shared in various social networking sites. Social media has become a strong pathway to good readership. A site is greatly helped by number of likes a shared article gets.

With the sophisticated algorithms that roam the internet today, the old SEO tactics no longer work. However, those old tricks were never the answer to sustainable ranking anyway; the only way to get there is by first of all making sure you have original and valuable content. When your content is good, all you need to do is follow certain SEO guidelines to make sure your page gets to your readers.

Happy ranking!

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