How to Use Content Marketing in 2014

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The world of content marketing has a dynamic landscape. From year to year, even sometimes within a few months, new trends and technologies emerge. The great thing about this constant progression is that there are always new and creative ways to distribute your content and strengthen your brand.

A lot of the methods in online content marketing are developed to respond to the way search engines treat content. Powerful leaders like Google, Microsoft and Facebook all have an impact on your final search ranking, and therefore your online visibility. We’ve taken a look at the biggest search engine and social media friendly trends, which will help you to grow your business throughout 2014.

How to Market Your Content Online in 2014

  • Mobile Optimization. The biggest change in recent years is the way that consumers are viewing your content. Shifting from desktop and laptop computers, the advertising market is almost dominated now by mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Advertisers looking to succeed today will shift part of their focus to mobile platforms to capture the widest audience possible. Before you even get started on any of our other tips, mobile optimization of your web pages should be a priority.
  • Info-graphics. Info-graphics are effective because they can convey information in a short time, and within a small advertising space. At the same time they are eye catching and appealing to an audience. Take Neil Patel of KISSmetrics. Over the past two years he produced a total of 47 info-graphics at total cost of $28,200. Looking back at the stats; he received over 2.5 million visitors, 40,000 page links and tweets, and over 20,000 Facebook likes. That’s a massive amount of exposure for a relatively small investment, and it could be scaled to suit a business with any sized budget.
  • Embrace Video Sharing. If you’re still not producing videos for marketing purposes, it’s time to get on board. Youtube is one of the most visited sites on the internet, and simply showcasing your products there can give you a potential audience reaching the hundreds of millions. Make sure you brand your video channels on Youtube, or wherever you are sharing. Video marketing is just as important as social media. With the community features built right in to Youtube you’ll be able to engage your audience in a way that most other advertising avenues can’t replicate.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Still as relevant today as ever, SEO should be a major part of any strategy. Original and high quality content will help with your page rankings by appealing to the algorithms of the top search engines. Other practices like affiliate advertising and strong (legitimate) linking will all help to increase your ranking and visibility.

Think of these keywords when you think content marketing in 2014. High Quality, Mobile, Multi Channel, and Visual. Although the market always evolves and new channels are found, nothing ever substitutes for quality and visual appeal. Stick to what’s popular with consumers, but be creative within the channels that you target.

So where are you taking your business this year?

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