What can LinkedIn Showcase Pages do for your business?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog, Industry News

First of all, let’s look again at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is presently one of the best online social networking sites. It is very similar to Facebook. While Facebook brings friends and family together, LinkedIn covers business networking. It can aid you in making connections in the business realm, finding quality job candidates, gaining business advice, and bringing in an income. LinkedIn is an enormous gathering of professionals. It gives you round the clock access to valuable information and keeps you tied into the ever changing network of current industries.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn’s Company Page has proven to be an effective way to present your company, its services and its products. LinkedIn users are able to follow this page to view your current information and keep up with your updates. LinkedIn Showcase pages are a great new expansion to the Company Page. Showcase Pages offer you a place to draw attention to individual services and products allowing you to target a specific group of followers. LinkedIn currently offers ten Showcase Pages, each of which you may make use of to display different aspects of your company.

If you are already using The Company Pages, you may be interested in adding Showcase Pages to:

  • Attract more followers.
  • Strategically position ads in order to draw traffic.
  • Share news and images of your company and its industry.
  • Introduce items or brands new to your company.
  • Present special offers for your services or discounts for your products.
  • Offer links to your other informative pages.
  • Relay information about upcoming events.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are simple to set up. If you are familiar with Facebook pages, adding text and images will go quickly and smoothly. They are designed and laid out so that you can place a photo that will best present your company’s image at the header of every page, along with your business info and how online visitors can contact you.

With today’s online competitive market, making use of every tool available may determine whether you succeed or fail to keep up with your business’s ever changing industry. It is critical that you make yourself visible to your targeted audience, capture their attention and hold their interests. Showcasing your best assets is a great way to do just that.

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