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5 Easy ways you can automate a portion of your blog promotion

5 Easy ways you can automate a portion of your blog promotion

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog, Reach, Training

After creating your content for your blog, the next phase would then involve the promotional aspect. Promoting your blog’s post can be a pretty challenging task especially at the beginning. Despite of this, the challenge of promoting your blog post during the beginning is one of the most essential aspect in every blogger’s life. The valuable learnings and characters such as perseverance and persistence are one of the priceless traits that every blogger needs to learn during the process.

Luckily though, certain programs and tools are available online to help aid every blogger towards achieving their success online.

Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to automize a portion of your blog promotion:

1.    Use SNAP. (Social Network Auto poster).

This wordpress plug-in will allow you to automatically post your latest posts in social networking sites such as StumbleUpon

 2.     Use the IFTTP recipe to automate your Reddit  Submissions.

Get a significant amount of traffic from famous social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, by making use of the IFTTP (If This Then That) recipe to automate your post submissions. Make sure to write only about topics that are related directly to the subreddit you wish to post your content.

3.    Launch latest posts with RSS-to-email

Updating your users by making use of RSS to email program will allow you to automatically send monthly emails with summaries to anyone belonging to your list. Though it will not have a massive effect with increasing the traffic, a little step towards promotion begins with small steps – and in this case with your email list.

4.    Email auto-responders + Pay with a Like/Tweet system.

The principle for this system is to create your 12 month email messages for your auto-responders, provide some freebies and giveaways that your subscribers can claim by liking or tweeting a certain page. Pay to tweet or like plug-ins are available for your use. This system will help create more traffic that will automize your promotional efforts.

5.    Syndicate w/ Technorati, BlogEngage, Networked Blogs & Alltop

Syndicate your blogs to sites that will help you obtain large traffic is essential. Submit to these sites your blog posts and get traffics for your site. 

6.    IFTTT + Buffer for automating Social Site Sharing.

Automating your social postings using IFTTT can sometimes get extremely chaotic, so to prevent this make use of the IFTTT recipe system instead to send content from Feedly (which is an RSS reader) and direct it to Buffer. Doing this so, will help you to connect multiple blogs to Feedly using only one Buffer dashboard. It will also enable you to post content on an automated schedule.

The following are just some helpful tricks you can use to automate your blog promotions, however, guaranteeing the success of your campaign is also dependent on the relevance of the information that you present for your viewers. Like everything else, successful promotional campaigns requires your time, devotion, perseverance and patience. Maximize the applications and resources that are available online, choose a system that will help maximize all your marketing and promotional efforts.