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7 Ways to Get to the Top with Your Local SEO 7 Ways to Get to the Top with Your Local SEO

7 Ways to Get to the Top with Your Local SEO

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Reach, SEO, Training

All website owners and content writers have to accept the fact that SEO, particularly local SEO, is still the key to a healthy readership and good page ranking. No matter how excellent your articles are or how high-quality your product is, unless you are able to master the science of using SEO advantageously, your website will languish in loneliness. Here are seven sensible tips to get to the top of the SEO game and get your audience to notice you.  
  1. Invest in finding the appropriate keyword for your local area. You can only find the right local SEO keyword by doing some serious research and exercising good judgement. Look for a keyword search tool you can work with, and analyze the results according to your particular location and circumstances. 
  2. Provide consistent identifying information. If you want consistent traffic to your websites or blog spots, you need to make it easy for people to find you. A primary rule for this is to make sure that no matter how many web and social platforms you use, the same identifying data (name, Email, phone numbers, address) are listed. 
  3. Get listed in local directories. Make sure your site is listed in local directories – beginning with Google + Local. Local lists are an indispensable tool for creating a direct connection between you and your clients. Being part of a local directory can help bring traffic straight to your site. It also allows your public to reach out to you and it enables you to respond to them. 
  4. Develop a good social media profile. You should update your social media profile regularly so that it shows a consistent image of you through all listings. Remember that social media profiles always rank highly in search engine results. Therefore, your profile is one of the best ways you can get good SEO ranking. 
  5. Get people to review your product. Reviews and inquiries provide you with an opportunity to improve your product. Most of all, they help attract a growing base of potential customers for you by providing social proof and links to your website. 
  6. Keep in touch with people on the go. Not everyone who ought to be finding you is sitting in front of a laptop; lot of your prospective traffic is out on the road accessing the web with their mobile devices. Make sure you can be found by people wherever they may be by having a mobile site that can be accessed on all platforms. 
  7. Fortify yourself against being hit by algorithms. As algorithms change and spiders make their daily crawl, you could find yourself dropped from what you thought was a secure page rank. Ensure visibility in the event that you fade away from Google by starting a blog, creating subscriber-based content, getting into local lists, being active in social media, and of course, creating only content of the highest quality.