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Benefits Of Using Local SEO - iMarketing Leader | Website Design | Reputation Marketing | Display Advertising

Benefits Of Using Local SEO

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog


Marketing your business online is a very difficult job. However, this is made easier with the help of search engine optimization, or what is more commonly known as SEO. Competition on the World Wide Web is very strong. Each vendor has to find an effective strategy to get his or her business known online and not only that, it is extremely important to stay there for a long time.

With SEO strategies becoming so popular today, it is useful to hire the services of a “local SEO expert” to dominate your local competition.  A local SEO expert will help you develop a custom guide for your business.  These experts have access to local SEO tools that are not readily available to most people.  Using a local SEO guide will allow you to focus on what you do best and leave online marketing to the Internet experts.

This is a type of search engine optimization that is great if you target audience is in your own locality or in other words, when the geographic location is an important factor you should focus on local SEO.

Local SEO Marketing has a number of advantages inherent to its nature of being geographically limited.

  • Local SEO Marketing assists in getting the brand recognition.
  • Improved visibility in local listings.
  • Web traffic and leads.
  • Increases revenue potential.
  • Less competition hence easier optimization.

Top 5 advantages of using local SEO for small businesses

1. It assists in getting the brand recognition.
Brand recognition is the extent to which your customers recognize your products or services. Local SEO helps the brand to be seen by the potential customers in your area. Frequent exposure of your brand to customers leads to a greater brand recognition which can eventually lead to a buying customer for your company.

2. Improved visibility in local listings.
Local SEO attracts potential customers to your website. This is done by ranking your business higher in local search results. A customer finds it convenient to deal with the companies in his / her local area. By buying products from a local supplier, he / she can eliminate the unnecessary expense on transportation and other intermediaries. So, when you feature in the local search results, chances are that your company gets a new customer.

3. Web traffic and leads.
According to Search Engine Watch, about 60% of clicks on Google’s search results are taken from the results in the top three positions. By investing in a local SEO campaign, a company gets promoted higher in local search results. This causes a greater number of people to click on the website. With an increase in traffic coming to the website, the number or potential customers also increases which can lead to increased sales.

4. Increases revenue potential.
Local SEO offers great business potential to increase revenues. Revenues generated by the use of local SEO are many times the investment. The improved visibility provided by a local SEO company will help in maximizing sales, leading to income generation.

5. Less competition hence easier optimization.
There would not be many companies in your neighborhood who would exploit local SEO and hence the competition is less. This minimized competition enables your enterprise to rank high in search engines.

How Can Local SEO Help Me?

Local search engine optimization or local SEO for short, is usually an ignored facet of Internet business and marketing but on a local level, local SEO can phenomenally increase the amount of opportunities for many companies that want to build an effective and powerful local existence instead of a global one.