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Do you know how much your “Free” Giveaway costs you?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog

Know How Much Your “Free” Giveaway Costs

Giving away “freebies” is one of the popular ways for many businesses to encourage future sales. Whether your company is big or small, hosting a website or blog that offers giveaways is a powerful and effective marketing strategy to increase traffic, create awareness and attract more customers.

No matter how worn out the concept is, getting something free usually excites most people, except perhaps the marketers who need to deal with the cost. Knowing the real costs, involving time and money, to create and ship the free products can help the marketer obtain an accurate picture of how much time and money will be needed once free marketing promotion has been launched.

Costs to Calculate for Your “Free” Giveaway Content

Marketers usually employ three types of promotions for free giveaways: sweepstakes, free contest, and lottery. The biggest places where freebies can work their way into people’s consciousness is by gathering email addresses. In most cases, customers are offered free eBook, video series, webinar or email series, report, or e-course in exchange for their email address and other contact information.

These marketing strategies can provide great results, but they’re not free for your company. Unless you’re an expert in multi-tasking, you have to hire people to help create and set up an efficient freebie mechanism. At the minimum, here’s what you need to spend for to deliver the free stuff to your audience. 

  • Web Content – Your product or service must be presented in a well-written content to make it highly interesting to the target audience. Unless you’re a professional writer, you need to pay someone to write or document the content you’re producing.
  • Squeeze Page or Landing Page – Although you can find free software to download, you may need to acquire a costly one or hire designers to create more professional lead page that will captivate viewers.
  • Production and Shipping Costs – While you’re offering something free, you’re paying for its production and spending money to deliver the hard product to certain destinations.
  • Marketing Funnel Hard Costs – Setting up webinars or email auto responders are accompanied by at least a minimum monthly cost. Although you can opt for lower-priced services, you audience is limited based on your selected plan.
  • Advertising – The surest way to put your website on top of search engine list is to through advertising. Are you financially prepared to pay for ads to broaden your audience?

The word “free” always entices customers and prospects successfully. Many marketers use freebies to build their business because freebies offer a two-fold advantage. First, customers may find the value of your product or service and continue to purchase it. Second, the freebie may psychologically convince your prospects to purchase from you.

However, the word “freebie” rarely applies to marketers, due to some hidden costs that marketers neglect to factor in when they offer products and services free. Make sure to do your math and count the cost of “free” to avoid being on the losing end after the campaign.


Top 6 Email Marketing 101 Tips

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog, Content Marketing

Top 6 Email Marketing Tips

Are you looking for more ways to market your products and services online? Have you given up on email marketing? You should not. It is by far, the most consistent form of communication for business and personal matters alike. However, there are strategies that you should integrate with your email marketing process.

Here are a 6 email marketing tips:

1. Links inside your email. Your email may contain narratives of introducing your company or promoting a new product or service of your business. What you should not forget is to include a link of it within the narrative of your email. You can also customize your signature to contain the website of the company you are promoting. This way, the recipient can easily view what you are talking about.

2. Use images sparingly. If possible, do not add any images in your email. Note that the way you set up your email may not be the same way the recipient set theirs. The rest of your email may be disregarded when the recipient sees a large photo upon opening your email. Most of the time, if they are not interested with the image that is included in your email, they would not read the rest of your letter.

3. Obvious unsubscribe link or button. You may have a list of people that you send automatic updates or newsletters. To avoid annoyed potential clients, make sure that they can readily unsubscribe from your email list with an unsubscribe link or button in your email.

4. Maximize your email format. As mentioned earlier, your recipients will have different email settings. Some may preview the content of your email first before proceeding to open them up. Ensure that you are not using the first few parts of your email with an advertising banner such that the recipient loses interest. Should you have to use images, ensure that your HTML email template does not exceed 600 pixels.

5. Bear in mind that you are sending emails to busy individuals. Business-oriented individuals will not have sufficient time to read their personal and business emails, let alone email marketing ones. Most of the time, they will just browse through your email and read for the key points. As such, keep your email short and concise. If you have to use long words, use bullets or list them. You can also use links inside each heading if short words are not enough to explain your point.

6. Test before sending. Before you go ahead and send your email marketing letters to different email addresses, try sending them first to yourself or to your network, indicating that it is a test. Look at how your email appears and screen it for anything that may give off a bad impression such as wrong use of words or grammar and typographical errors. This way, you can ensure that you already see how your email will appear when the recipient sees them.

Because email can literally detect spam content, using effective strategies will help to prevent your email going to the spam folder, where it will remain unread. By ensuring that you look at how your email appears when the recipient reads it will help to ensure that your email gets read by their recipient instead of getting deleted without being opened at all.

About the Author

Todd McPartlin is a nationally recognized traffic generation authority and author of “Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide to Dominating Your Market Online.” He is also the co-founder of iMarketing Leader that focus on providing online marketing strategies to help businesses dominate their local market.


5 Easy ways you can automate a portion of your blog promotion

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog, Reach, Training

After creating your content for your blog, the next phase would then involve the promotional aspect. Promoting your blog’s post can be a pretty challenging task especially at the beginning. Despite of this, the challenge of promoting your blog post during the beginning is one of the most essential aspect in every blogger’s life. The valuable learnings and characters such as perseverance and persistence are one of the priceless traits that every blogger needs to learn during the process.

Luckily though, certain programs and tools are available online to help aid every blogger towards achieving their success online.

Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to automize a portion of your blog promotion:

1.    Use SNAP. (Social Network Auto poster).

This wordpress plug-in will allow you to automatically post your latest posts in social networking sites such as StumbleUpon

 2.     Use the IFTTP recipe to automate your Reddit  Submissions.

Get a significant amount of traffic from famous social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, by making use of the IFTTP (If This Then That) recipe to automate your post submissions. Make sure to write only about topics that are related directly to the subreddit you wish to post your content.

3.    Launch latest posts with RSS-to-email

Updating your users by making use of RSS to email program will allow you to automatically send monthly emails with summaries to anyone belonging to your list. Though it will not have a massive effect with increasing the traffic, a little step towards promotion begins with small steps – and in this case with your email list.

4.    Email auto-responders + Pay with a Like/Tweet system.

The principle for this system is to create your 12 month email messages for your auto-responders, provide some freebies and giveaways that your subscribers can claim by liking or tweeting a certain page. Pay to tweet or like plug-ins are available for your use. This system will help create more traffic that will automize your promotional efforts.

5.    Syndicate w/ Technorati, BlogEngage, Networked Blogs & Alltop

Syndicate your blogs to sites that will help you obtain large traffic is essential. Submit to these sites your blog posts and get traffics for your site. 

6.    IFTTT + Buffer for automating Social Site Sharing.

Automating your social postings using IFTTT can sometimes get extremely chaotic, so to prevent this make use of the IFTTT recipe system instead to send content from Feedly (which is an RSS reader) and direct it to Buffer. Doing this so, will help you to connect multiple blogs to Feedly using only one Buffer dashboard. It will also enable you to post content on an automated schedule.

The following are just some helpful tricks you can use to automate your blog promotions, however, guaranteeing the success of your campaign is also dependent on the relevance of the information that you present for your viewers. Like everything else, successful promotional campaigns requires your time, devotion, perseverance and patience. Maximize the applications and resources that are available online, choose a system that will help maximize all your marketing and promotional efforts.

What can LinkedIn Showcase Pages do for your business?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog, Industry News

First of all, let’s look again at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is presently one of the best online social networking sites. It is very similar to Facebook. While Facebook brings friends and family together, LinkedIn covers business networking. It can aid you in making connections in the business realm, finding quality job candidates, gaining business advice, and bringing in an income. LinkedIn is an enormous gathering of professionals. It gives you round the clock access to valuable information and keeps you tied into the ever changing network of current industries.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn’s Company Page has proven to be an effective way to present your company, its services and its products. LinkedIn users are able to follow this page to view your current information and keep up with your updates. LinkedIn Showcase pages are a great new expansion to the Company Page. Showcase Pages offer you a place to draw attention to individual services and products allowing you to target a specific group of followers. LinkedIn currently offers ten Showcase Pages, each of which you may make use of to display different aspects of your company.

If you are already using The Company Pages, you may be interested in adding Showcase Pages to:

  • Attract more followers.
  • Strategically position ads in order to draw traffic.
  • Share news and images of your company and its industry.
  • Introduce items or brands new to your company.
  • Present special offers for your services or discounts for your products.
  • Offer links to your other informative pages.
  • Relay information about upcoming events.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are simple to set up. If you are familiar with Facebook pages, adding text and images will go quickly and smoothly. They are designed and laid out so that you can place a photo that will best present your company’s image at the header of every page, along with your business info and how online visitors can contact you.

With today’s online competitive market, making use of every tool available may determine whether you succeed or fail to keep up with your business’s ever changing industry. It is critical that you make yourself visible to your targeted audience, capture their attention and hold their interests. Showcasing your best assets is a great way to do just that.

Top 10 Reasons Why Online Consumers Leave Your Shopping Cart Empty Handed

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Advertising, Blog

You may be surprised to learn that nearly seventy percent of online shoppers visiting your site, travel through your webpages, arrive at your shopping cart, and exit without making a purchase. This percentage should give you cause for concern. Why are so many individuals who seem to be interested in your product leaving just before investing?

Data presented by Statista, (an online statistics portal that offers free information) reveals the top ten explanations for this early departure from the shopping cart. Many of these reasons are beyond your control, but there are several that you may be able to address:


  1. bottom line price, after shipping, came as a surprise
  2. shopper was just browsing
  3. price was better elsewhere
  4. shopper changed his or her mind
  5. item itself was too pricey
  6. checkout process was too much work
  7. website crashed
  8. checkout process took too long
  9. security questions were too intense
  10. shopper felt that there was not enough security

Taking the next three steps can effectively increase your success rate, by removing the distractions and deterrents faced by your online shoppers:

  1. Keep your pricing competitive.  It is easy to comparison shop by price online and it is reasonable to expect that your site’s visitors will do just that. Unless your product has a clear distinction, or offers a special unique quality, they will take the better deal elsewhere. Let them know up front what the shipping costs will be. If you can, offer free shipping, or a discount for multiple items.
  2. When presenting your potential customers with questioners, ask only the questions necessary for them make their order and complete their online transaction. Most people are trying to save time by shopping the internet and they will not spend the time to fill out a lengthy and unnecessary form. It is too easy to just exit the process and look for a less complicated one. Many shoppers are uncomfortable giving out too much information and feel that their security is being compromised.
  3. Test your site to make sure that the entire process works from beginning to end. Make sure that the steps offered are clear, and that links and vector buttons take your visitors where they expect to go.

Each of these steps that you apply to your checkout procedure will improve your shopping cart’s statistics. Even the smallest changes, according to your local seo, will show you increased sales over time.