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Facebook Dos and Donts

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Keep  These Facebook DOs and DONTs in Mind

Who doesn’t know about Facebook? With almost a billion subscribers worldwide, it is not just a passing fad for interactive social conversation. For people website owners looking at doing effective Internet marketing, Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for reaching millions.

For the best results, you can’t just spontaneously post a status or post links without paying attention to what is being said. There are really rules about how you will conduct an online conversation in this social network, but you still need to pay close attention to your netiquette. To be able to maximize on this type of marketing, you need to pay attention to a few simple DOs and DON’Ts to effectively promote your business.

1. DO: Respond in a timely manner. Respect your customer’s time and give them a sense of importance by posting replies within a reasonable amount of time. When they post questions, make sure you answer them as soon as you can.

DON’T: Never ignore your audience. When talking to potential clients, you don’t want them to wait longer than necessary. Making them feel ignored can quickly annoy them.

2. DO: Keep your posts or status updates brief. Research has shown that shorter posts are likely to have engagement than very long detailed posts. If you have more to say, a good image or video with a personal message is still more effective than a very long post.

DON’T: Post endless posts and narratives. Many of your “friends” don’t have the time or interest to read lengthy chronicles. Long posts are not engaging. If you always do that, they will just skim your content, or worse ignore them.

3. DO: Post a variety of interesting content. Consider offering a variety of topics they might really like. Curating them with personalized comments and views are more likely to catch attention and spark quality conversation.

DON’T: Spare your “friends” from mind-numbing, monotonous topics. Regardless how passionate you are or how informative your posts are concerning a specific niche, they will wear out your audience. Keep them coming by posting great content about assorted topics.

4. DO: Build your page using organic strategies. Link your blogs, websites and/or email to your Facebook and let your friends, followers and influential networks know about it.

DON’T: Don’t set your sights on faux “likes” to the extent of buying them. This translates to poor engagement and conversion; it is something you don’t want to happen despite having so many “likes.”

5. DO: Breathe then read again. Proofreading takes but a few seconds. Be smart; do it just before clicking the “Post” button. Edit while you still can, especially with sensitive topics.

DON’T: Never click “Post” without proofing. You are responsible for your posts; it is important to play nicely on Facebook to have more audience following your page especially if you are doing Facebook marketing or using it in business.

Keep those rants off your wall and other personal things; private matters are best kept in private messages. Remember, don’t flood your Facebook with too many posts so that your audience’ heads reel. If you want your audience to stick with you. 


LinkedIn Not Working For You? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Why You Should Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to establishing your credentials online, LinkedIn is a fantastic way to do it. If you use it properly, you can establish numerous professional contacts and leads. LinkedIn can even send four times more leads back to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. If you want LinkedIn to work for you, you have to pay more attention to it.

A great platform like LinkedIn cannot work effectively for you because of the following reasons:

  • Poor picture quality or inappropriate picture. Potential employers need to see you clearly, so post a photo that is not blurred or dark. You also need to use a clear photo that is good in a company setting. Avoid posting a wacky or an informal photo that can send company owners and HR directors the wrong message.
  • Failure to use the Summary Section. In this section, you have 2000 characters to use. Here, you can tell your entire story, complete with your credentials, experiences, and accomplishments. Those who read this part have to become interested in you, by the time they finish.
  • Long headlines. See to it that you only consume not more than 120 characters to tell the world what you do. A headline that’s too short is not good either. Make your headline attractive. Grab the attention of the potential employers out there, so that they cannot miss hiring someone as talented as you are.
  • No links in your profile. You have to include links to your social network, websites you have, Skype page, or other links where you can be contacted. This makes it easy for potential employers to seek information about you.
  • Incomplete profile. You have to compete your profile, if you want potential employers to know you better. Fill in the necessary blanks and let the whole world see who you really are.
  • The presence of spam. Avoid using LinkedIn to send sales material or promotional offers. Potential employers can end up blocking you is you don’t remove these from your LinkedIn page.
  • Duplicated resume. Be original. Avoid copying other LinkedIn resumes. Future employers need to know how you can stand alone in the very competitive world of the employed. Make your LinkedIn resume unique and attractive.
  • Profile is not updated. You have to make sure that you update your LinkedIn profile every couple of months. This delivers the message that  you are serious about LinkedIn. If your profile is outdated, then potential employers can lose interest in you.
  • Your profile is unsearchable. SEO is important if you want your LinkedIn resume to be found instantly. It’s a vast ocean of competition out there and you need those employers to find you. Look at the job descriptions that employers post on their sites. If they match the job that you want, then you can use those as keywords for your profile. Be sure to indicate where you are, and if you are open to travel opportunities.

LinkedIn can help you land the job that you want. Just see to it that you have a complete, original, and updated profile that has complete information about you and what you do. So, work on your LinkedIn profile now and look forward to immediate employment soon.

Need Social Media Clicks? Here is How to Get Them

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

How to Get More Social Media Clicks

Social media has become a huge superhighway of opportunities to gain more profit for your online business. Coming up with useful and clever posts for your LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook accounts can be a challenge at times. Whatever combination you think of using, if your guests don’t click on that link, nothing’s going to happen. You have to come up with ways on making your guests click on your links. Social media is a great means to do this. There is nothing like using the power of connectivity to get the results that you want.  Below are some effective ways to get more clicks through social media. Try them and watch the dramatic improvement of your website.

Social Media Click Tips

  • Establish trust. Trust is what guests and consumers want to have with online businesses. If you become trustworthy to them, they can surely click any link that you post. This is the power that social media brings—the power to trust a business through the right information, credibility, and efficiency. You are in an excellent place if a social influencer becomes interested in you. This person can get all of his or her followers to click on your link.
  • Simply ask for clicks. This is the easiest way to get more clicks through your social media posts. Make sure you have creative calls to action, so that your readers know what they should do. This is also effective when you want them to share your post. Suggest what you want and your readers will most likely be open to it.
  • Be interactive. Provide photos or videos in your posts. Infographics are fun, too. Visual stimulation helps entice your readers more. You can get more clicks if they enjoy what they see.
  • Give smart content. People know what they want and need. If you provide the right information consistently, you can lead your readers to clicking that link. Guests can easily turn into buyers or email subscribers, if they know that you can handle your business well.
  • Provide excitement on your landing page. Do something exciting, so that you can keep the guests that you have in your site. You can use incentives or rewards for clicking that link.
  • Be cohesive with your messages. Make sure that the people in your social network find what you post cohesive. Every detail about your post should fit one another. The image and text should fit each other perfectly.
  • Be creative.  Try something new now and then. This is how you can really gauge which can become a hit for your site.  If what you do doesn’t work, then this can be a means to start fresh with another concept.
  • Monitor.  Be aware of what people like to talk about. When you do this, you have more ideas to work with when it comes to new posts.

Getting more clicks from your readers can help your site gain more traffic. This is a great open door for your business for more profit and more credibility. The given click tips can help your business grow and your client pool deepen and broaden.


How Google My Business Can Help Your Small Business

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

How Google My Business Can Make Small Business Perform Better
Google has a new offering, Google My Business, that is designed to simplify and improve Google web visibility for small business owners. This one-stop page is a convenient hub for small, local businesses to administer their presence on various Google products, from Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Whereas before, small businesses had to struggle in managing information using separate services, now Google My Business enables users to have their presence felt from a single dashboard.
Multiple Google Services in One Place
The new platform consists of powerful Google tools that can help you update your business information in one place. When you initially log into Google My Business, the first thing to notice is how Google has populated your account using previous data and information you’ve fed into the other Google services. You’ll have the chance to edit that data easily when you need to refresh your web content.
When you work on the dashboard, you can get valuable help from the following Google services available in the page.
Google+ Shares: Next to Facebook, Google+ is the second largest social networking site that performs basic functions and identity service. It allows millions of users to interact socially with Google+’s enhanced properties by sharing text, photos, links, status, and videos. 
Google Insights: This valuable tool enables you to identify the search terms that are increasing in popularity by typing in the right keyword. Google Insights help you to compare search volume patterns across different regions, categories, and properties so you create a relevant content suited to your target audience or type of business.
Customer Reviews: Google gives each business a rating. Based on the rating, you can manage your reviews and view related reviews your competitors are getting around the web.
Google Analytics: This tool tracks traffic and updates you with conversations happening on your website. The information is displayed via infographics that allows you to see the amount of visits made on your website and see the degree of influence your webpage creates.
Google Hangouts: Go and join in a Hangout with the click of a button. You’ll get the party rolling by holding conversations, adding photos, or by making a group video call.
With the ease at how the new platform can be managed, Google envisions more businesses will take advantage of the features to increase customer engagement, encourage more reviews, and track performance.
Can this be the End of Google+?
Google My Business provides a two-prong benefit for both Google and small businesses. Google gets more paid advertising, while small businesses stand to gain increased visibility and connection with potential customers. However, it is still too early to say what lies ahead for Google+
In the meantime, you can take advantage of the latest tools Google offers to help your business connect with more customers. Consider this move as a change of address where there are more chances for your business to show up in search engines when Google users happen to encode the right keywords. 

Want more social media clicks?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Optimize Social Media Posts and Watch Clicks Grow
It is true that social media can do quite a bit for your website. It is also a reality, that your posts can get lost in the shuffle  before your target audience gets the chance to read them. For your content to survive slipping away and getting buried beneath the updates of others, need to learn a few tips and tricks about social media marketing.
To do this, you must learn to optimize your social media posts and set them upfor engagement through shares, likes, re-tweets, comments, and follows. These three ways that can help you optimize your social media for more clicks. 
• Talk to your audience and ask for clicks. It is easy to ask, particularly if your content delivers value to your audience. All it takes is a little push to get them going where you want them to go or clicking what you want them to click. Enable the social sharing on your landing pages and make the process easier for them. 
• Give them a strong call-to-action (CTA). How do you nudge your page visitors to click, go further down the page or explore the other pages of your site? Give them a valuable content that will answer a concern and show them and give them an irresistible and clear CTA. “Buy Now” and “Click Here” are  overused they likely to be ignored rather than clicked. Instead ask them to click “Get a copy of a free report” or “Subscribe now for updated news on product X.” 
• Use visually appealing imageries. You can’t underestimate the importance of creative imagery in capturing the attention and interest of your audience. “Content is king,” but you must attract site visitors and keep them there for a few seconds to understand what your site has to offer. Sparking interest is more easily achieved with an engaging visual. Why do you think Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook are grabbing a lot of attention? It is because images rule! 
There are a host of other tips and tricks to optimize your social media posts. Use simple images that are scaled for mobile devices as these are read by about 80 to 85 percent of target audiences in Facebook. Use short URLs when posting tweets; an impressive number of re-tweets are generated by Bit.ly, which makes it imperative that you shorten URLs in Twitter. For Pinterest, go for red or multiple colors (pink and dark green). If you want twice as many repins, red and orange are your colors, since multiple colors can increase likes and repins threefold. You can use a hashtag (#) on Instagram and Vine posts, add tags and a catchy title your YouTube videos, and get a great-looking theme on your Tumblr posts. 
To optimize your posts and make readers click them, it is important to know and use the dynamics of your social networks. The effort will all be worth it your posts will engage your target audience, build your brand and increase leads and conversions.