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Facebook Dos and Donts Facebook Dos and Donts

Facebook Dos and Donts

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Keep  These Facebook DOs and DONTs in Mind

Who doesn’t know about Facebook? With almost a billion subscribers worldwide, it is not just a passing fad for interactive social conversation. For people website owners looking at doing effective Internet marketing, Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for reaching millions.

For the best results, you can’t just spontaneously post a status or post links without paying attention to what is being said. There are really rules about how you will conduct an online conversation in this social network, but you still need to pay close attention to your netiquette. To be able to maximize on this type of marketing, you need to pay attention to a few simple DOs and DON’Ts to effectively promote your business.

1. DO: Respond in a timely manner. Respect your customer’s time and give them a sense of importance by posting replies within a reasonable amount of time. When they post questions, make sure you answer them as soon as you can.

DON’T: Never ignore your audience. When talking to potential clients, you don’t want them to wait longer than necessary. Making them feel ignored can quickly annoy them.

2. DO: Keep your posts or status updates brief. Research has shown that shorter posts are likely to have engagement than very long detailed posts. If you have more to say, a good image or video with a personal message is still more effective than a very long post.

DON’T: Post endless posts and narratives. Many of your “friends” don’t have the time or interest to read lengthy chronicles. Long posts are not engaging. If you always do that, they will just skim your content, or worse ignore them.

3. DO: Post a variety of interesting content. Consider offering a variety of topics they might really like. Curating them with personalized comments and views are more likely to catch attention and spark quality conversation.

DON’T: Spare your “friends” from mind-numbing, monotonous topics. Regardless how passionate you are or how informative your posts are concerning a specific niche, they will wear out your audience. Keep them coming by posting great content about assorted topics.

4. DO: Build your page using organic strategies. Link your blogs, websites and/or email to your Facebook and let your friends, followers and influential networks know about it.

DON’T: Don’t set your sights on faux “likes” to the extent of buying them. This translates to poor engagement and conversion; it is something you don’t want to happen despite having so many “likes.”

5. DO: Breathe then read again. Proofreading takes but a few seconds. Be smart; do it just before clicking the “Post” button. Edit while you still can, especially with sensitive topics.

DON’T: Never click “Post” without proofing. You are responsible for your posts; it is important to play nicely on Facebook to have more audience following your page especially if you are doing Facebook marketing or using it in business.

Keep those rants off your wall and other personal things; private matters are best kept in private messages. Remember, don’t flood your Facebook with too many posts so that your audience’ heads reel. If you want your audience to stick with you.