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How Google My Business Can Help Your Small Business

How Google My Business Can Help Your Small Business

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

How Google My Business Can Make Small Business Perform Better
Google has a new offering, Google My Business, that is designed to simplify and improve Google web visibility for small business owners. This one-stop page is a convenient hub for small, local businesses to administer their presence on various Google products, from Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Whereas before, small businesses had to struggle in managing information using separate services, now Google My Business enables users to have their presence felt from a single dashboard.
Multiple Google Services in One Place
The new platform consists of powerful Google tools that can help you update your business information in one place. When you initially log into Google My Business, the first thing to notice is how Google has populated your account using previous data and information you’ve fed into the other Google services. You’ll have the chance to edit that data easily when you need to refresh your web content.
When you work on the dashboard, you can get valuable help from the following Google services available in the page.
Google+ Shares: Next to Facebook, Google+ is the second largest social networking site that performs basic functions and identity service. It allows millions of users to interact socially with Google+’s enhanced properties by sharing text, photos, links, status, and videos. 
Google Insights: This valuable tool enables you to identify the search terms that are increasing in popularity by typing in the right keyword. Google Insights help you to compare search volume patterns across different regions, categories, and properties so you create a relevant content suited to your target audience or type of business.
Customer Reviews: Google gives each business a rating. Based on the rating, you can manage your reviews and view related reviews your competitors are getting around the web.
Google Analytics: This tool tracks traffic and updates you with conversations happening on your website. The information is displayed via infographics that allows you to see the amount of visits made on your website and see the degree of influence your webpage creates.
Google Hangouts: Go and join in a Hangout with the click of a button. You’ll get the party rolling by holding conversations, adding photos, or by making a group video call.
With the ease at how the new platform can be managed, Google envisions more businesses will take advantage of the features to increase customer engagement, encourage more reviews, and track performance.
Can this be the End of Google+?
Google My Business provides a two-prong benefit for both Google and small businesses. Google gets more paid advertising, while small businesses stand to gain increased visibility and connection with potential customers. However, it is still too early to say what lies ahead for Google+
In the meantime, you can take advantage of the latest tools Google offers to help your business connect with more customers. Consider this move as a change of address where there are more chances for your business to show up in search engines when Google users happen to encode the right keywords.