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LinkedIn Not Working For You? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons LinkedIn Not Working For You? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

LinkedIn Not Working For You? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Why You Should Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to establishing your credentials online, LinkedIn is a fantastic way to do it. If you use it properly, you can establish numerous professional contacts and leads. LinkedIn can even send four times more leads back to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. If you want LinkedIn to work for you, you have to pay more attention to it.

A great platform like LinkedIn cannot work effectively for you because of the following reasons:

  • Poor picture quality or inappropriate picture. Potential employers need to see you clearly, so post a photo that is not blurred or dark. You also need to use a clear photo that is good in a company setting. Avoid posting a wacky or an informal photo that can send company owners and HR directors the wrong message.
  • Failure to use the Summary Section. In this section, you have 2000 characters to use. Here, you can tell your entire story, complete with your credentials, experiences, and accomplishments. Those who read this part have to become interested in you, by the time they finish.
  • Long headlines. See to it that you only consume not more than 120 characters to tell the world what you do. A headline that’s too short is not good either. Make your headline attractive. Grab the attention of the potential employers out there, so that they cannot miss hiring someone as talented as you are.
  • No links in your profile. You have to include links to your social network, websites you have, Skype page, or other links where you can be contacted. This makes it easy for potential employers to seek information about you.
  • Incomplete profile. You have to compete your profile, if you want potential employers to know you better. Fill in the necessary blanks and let the whole world see who you really are.
  • The presence of spam. Avoid using LinkedIn to send sales material or promotional offers. Potential employers can end up blocking you is you don’t remove these from your LinkedIn page.
  • Duplicated resume. Be original. Avoid copying other LinkedIn resumes. Future employers need to know how you can stand alone in the very competitive world of the employed. Make your LinkedIn resume unique and attractive.
  • Profile is not updated. You have to make sure that you update your LinkedIn profile every couple of months. This delivers the message that  you are serious about LinkedIn. If your profile is outdated, then potential employers can lose interest in you.
  • Your profile is unsearchable. SEO is important if you want your LinkedIn resume to be found instantly. It’s a vast ocean of competition out there and you need those employers to find you. Look at the job descriptions that employers post on their sites. If they match the job that you want, then you can use those as keywords for your profile. Be sure to indicate where you are, and if you are open to travel opportunities.

LinkedIn can help you land the job that you want. Just see to it that you have a complete, original, and updated profile that has complete information about you and what you do. So, work on your LinkedIn profile now and look forward to immediate employment soon.