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The iMarketing Leader Difference

Attention Small Business Owners… Are you tired of getting the calls from SEO companies claiming they can get you on the first page of Google for $100?  If so please read on… My name is Todd McPartlin and I am the founder ofiMarketing Leader.  We are a local online marketing company based in Bryan, Texas.  Local does not limit us to Bryan, Texas, but refers to the our strategy of helping small local businesses dominate their local market.  One of the many services that we offer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   While SEO has received a bad rap from startup companies, overseas companies and college kids, […]

Mobile Responsive Website

If you are a small business owner and not a techie like me you might be asking “What the heck is a mobile responsive website and why should I care?”. So let’s first start with a definition A mobile responsive website is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience– easy reading and navigation with a minimum resizing, panning and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.) – Wikipedia

Anatomy Of An Effective Lead Generation Page

What makes up an effective lead generation page? Before I get into the specifics of a lead generation page, I think that we should start with a definition. A lead generation page is a single website page used to convert visitors into prospects.  This is done through several key design elements on the page to “convince” the visitor to take action.  Action can be click a button, fill out a form, email you or call you. Now let’s take a look at a lead generation page example

Benefits Of Using Local SEO

Marketing your business online is a very difficult job. However, this is made easier with the help of search engine optimization, or what is more commonly known as SEO. Competition on the World Wide Web is very strong. Each vendor has to find an effective strategy to get his or her business known online and not only that, it is extremely important to stay there for a long time. With SEO strategies becoming so popular today, it is useful to hire the services of a “local SEO expert” to dominate your local competition.  A local SEO expert will help you develop a custom guide […]

Buyer Keywords vs Do It Yourself Keywords

Search Engine Optimization, also known as, SEO can be a very complex.   SEO can also greatly vary in price and comparison when looking at companies that offer SEO services.   One main difference I have found is the keywords chosen.   As a small business you need to be concern with what are referred to as “buyer keywords” and not “do it yourself keywords”.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Whether you are new to Internet Marketing or an experienced marketer, keyword research needs to be a foundational component to your business. I am often asked the question what is the best keyword research tool?  When determining the answer to this question you need to think about what you are going to use a keyword tool for. Find best keywords –  to use for niche marketing Find profitable keywords – one reason to go into Internet Marketing to to make a profit, so finding the most used keywords can lead to profits Find most popular keywords – most popular keywords are usually the […]

Use of On Page and Off Page SEO Methods for Improving Website Ranking

Different SEO strategies are implemented for improving the website ranking on search engine results in On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Off page SEO is made responsible for telling about the content of the website whereas On Page SEO complete rely on the content of the website. Though both of these methods have different strong and weak points but both of them used to attract traffic to your website in different manners.   On Page SEO On page SEO is the strategy high quality content is used to attract the readers. The article has to be made with full […]

College Station SEO Company Launches New Reputation Marketing Service

College Station, Texas (May 20, 2013) – iMarketing Leader, a highly regarded College Station SEO company, is launching a new reputation marketing service to aid businesses in creating organic traffic towards their website. By taking advantage of the offer, clients can acquire new customers each day and generate more revenue for their business.

Summer Half-price Promo for College Station SEO Services

Need Online Reputation Marketing? Sign up for College Station SEO services this summer, and get 50% off on start-up costs worth $300!

Is Your SEO Service Provider Compliant with the Dreaded Google Penguin & Panda Updates?

Most people think of cute animals when they hear the words “Penguin” and “Panda” but for many search engine optimization service providers, these two words are to be feared. Google’s Penguin and Panda are algorithm updates that play separate roles in improving the overall experience of online users. While algorithm updates should be primarily a concern for companies providing online marketing services, business owners who use SEO services should also know about them. That’s because if your SEO service provider happens to violate Google’s SEO guidelines, these algorithm changes will drastically affect your website’s ranking and your business will suffer […]

SEO Goes Natural & Social with High Quality Content

How to Comply with Google Panda and Penguin Updates Doing effective SEO has evolved into a more “natural” and “social” process. Algorithm updates, particularly Google’s Penguin and Panda, are continuously changing the course of conducting search engine optimization. Penguin targets bad links while Panda goes after poor content. Google, through their algorithm updates, has reiterated that website owners and search engine optimization practitioners must create a better experience for users. And that trying to manipulate rankings through keyword over optimization, link schemes, and black hat methodologies will only harm your website — and your business.

Why We Are the Perfect SEO Solutions Provider for Your Business

SEO providers will almost always claim that they are the perfect solution to your online marketing problems. Frankly, we do too! But only because we know we really are. Here’s what sets us apart and why you should choose us.   Watch the video:

Owner of College Station SEO Firm Launches Book on Business Marketing

College Station, Texas (September 26, 2013) – Todd McPartlin, owner of College Station SEO services provider iMarketingLeader.com, launched a new book this September entitled “Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online.” In the book, McPartlin shares some of his proven techniques in online marketing.

College Station SEO Tips: Boosting Traffic to Your Website

Online marketing has fast gained ground over more traditional advertising because of its power to reach markets even way beyond a business’ location, and only for so much less of the latter’s cost. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most trusted forms of online marketing today. How does it actually work?

Launching a Business with Extensive College Station SEO

An article on the Houston Chronicle website dated August 9, 2013 discusses Forbes’ ranking of College Station as 5th on the list of “Best Small Places for Business and Careers.” The city has a lot of opportunities for economic improvement, and none of them should be missed by businesses. Notably, Forbes ranks the city as 8th in the country for job growth and 56th in terms of costs for doing business.

Automation Domination Book Launched

The day has come… My new book Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online has officially launched for the Kindle. (Physical Books coming by the end of the month) http://mcp.clickmeter.com/adb-kindle/ You can purchase the Kindle version today for $9.99 OR… You can get it for FREE tomorrow on 9/20 AKA FREE-Friday!! So mark your calendars, set you iPhone reminders and put a sticky note on your computer because you don’t want to miss it! I want to share this book with as many people as possible, so please share this, like this, pin this, tweet this […]

Responsive Web Design: Prevent Potential Sales Loss with a Mobile Friendly Website

Many business owners today tend to ignore the importance of having a mobile friendly or “responsive” website. Without realizing it, they may be losing prospective leads and sales because their website is not designed to load properly on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Here’s why you should not be one of them, and how you can make your website responsive:

Go for Mobile Responsive Web Design

Getting More Leads and Sales, Not Just Fancy Cosmetic Redesign Implementing responsive web design means opening up your online storefront to mobile visitors, effectively increasing your chances of getting more leads and sales through your site. While it may come as a mere fancy redesign to some business owners, you should realize that this change is geared toward marketing more than cosmetics. Making the decision to have a responsive site means giving your business more opportunities to grow, especially for the long haul.

Responsive Web Design: How Businesses Risk Losing Customers by Ignoring Google’s Recommended Mobile Friendly Configuration

Mobile Internet users are expected to outnumber desktop users by next year. It is therefore no surprise that Google is paying close attention to this development. And so should you. Because if your website is not yet “mobile responsive,” you may be turning away prospects who browse your web pages via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. And frankly, mobile users are prospects you wouldn’t want to lose.

Anatomy of a Social Buyer: Use Social Media Optimization to Understand Your Customer & Get Sales

Social media optimization is a known business necessity. Owners understand that for their venture to withstand the competition and survive in the current economic environment, they need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. They need to update fan pages, upload photos, and interact with their audience. After all, 67% of all Internet users use social networks, according to Pew Internet research. Indeed no online marketing strategy is ever complete without it. But at the end of the day, its sales—not likes, retweets, or repins—that keep the business going. So the question now is… “Do businesses actually get […]

Why is Social Media Optimization Essential to Your Success? [Infographic]

Social media optimization is a marketing strategy that’s simply too important to ignore. Social networks are growing steadily and they are providing small businesses an opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience. In today’s online world, you would need to be thriving socially if you want your business to get more customers and crush your competition. Not convinced with the power of social media?

Google Hummingbird, Google Penguin 2.1, Google Encrypted Search Explained

Todd McPartlin founder of iMarketing Leader and author of “Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online” explains the recent changes by Google. [tube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahh_H-h3iJo[/tube]    Transcript of The Future Of Online Marketing The Future of Online MarketingGoogle HummingbirdWhat is Hummingbird?Launched late Aug 2013 announcement almost 1 month laterEntirely new algorithmOver 200+ ranking factorsMain focus is on answering longer, complex queries Penguin 2.1 HighlightsContinues to target over optimization – even more aggressiveRemoves authority of sites that are penalized, thus potentially lowering ranking if your site is using a backlink from itWhat To Do?InstallGoogle Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster ToolsUse 3rd Party […]

Social Media Optimization: A Business Necessity, Not a Luxury [Watch the Video]

Did you know that within the social media space, there are conversations happening at this very moment that will define your brand? If you don’t capitalize on this vast and growing landscape, your competitors will, and you won’t like the outcome.   Watch the video:

The #1 Question on Web Design in College Station: How Do I Turn My Website into a Customer Magnet?

For Web Design, College Station Residents Follow These Expert Tips In order to have a good web design, College Station pros know several elements have to fall in line. These start with stellar coding skills to create a fun experience, and dwell down to optimized content so your site will get noticed. There are no get-rich-quick schemes for creating successful sites online.  Aim for a Simple, Helpful Web Design The most important factor in having a stellar online business is nailing the layout in regard to your target market. It has to be simple for them to use, while reinforcing the […]

Beyond Local Online Presence: How Your Local Business Can Keep the Cash Register Ringing with ‘Local Buzz’

According to statistics, an overwhelming 78% of consumers research about products and services on the Internet before buying locally. The message consumers are sending local business owners is therefore clear: be visible online or get ready to close shop. A lot of business owners have responded to this message by getting a website done. They also pay for SEO or search engine optimization services to make sure they appear on Google when their prospects look for products they offer. But is this strategy good enough to keep your cash register ringing every day? Or is there a better way to […]

Have Your Local Listing in College Station? If Not, Here’s Why You’re Off the Map

Want a Local Listing? College Station Spots Are Up for Grabs So you’ve failed in landing a local listing; College Station competition is starting to heat up. Don’t continue to put this on the back burner. Seek the help you need to secure online listings for your area. If not, you may keep making the same mistakes. Stop Ignoring Location You have less competition in College Station than in Taiwan, but how would your readers know? Do they have to go to the contact page to realize where you’re located? If so, something has to change now. Get to work […]

Is Your Local Business Invisible Online? Discover Local Buzz! [Infographic]

More and more consumers are using the Internet to search for products and services in their area. Sadly, local businesses are struggling to keep up with the trend. They are finding it more and more difficult to stay visible to potential customers online. On the other hand, a select few local businesses are thriving. They are dominating local listings and enticing prospects to come and visit the shop. Want to dominate your local area for your products and services, too? Discover how you can thrive locally with the help of optimized local listings, customer ratings and reviews, check-ins, and maps […]

[Video] Customers Are Searching for Local Businesses Online – and How Your Business Can Survive the Shift

Do you still think that a listing on the yellow pages is enough for prospects to find your local business? If so, this is a wake-up call. The truth is this: paying customers are finding more and more ways to research products and services in their area. Widespread Internet access and mobile devices enable customers to find what they need instantly, on the go, and with high buying intent. This also comes with the high propensity to share experiences online with friends. If your business is not capitalizing on this shift, then you are losing out. Watch our video now:

Local SEO in College Station Shares 2 Secrets to Creating Content Readers and Google BOTH Love

Tips from SEO College Station Expert Will Make Your Site a Success SEO College Station experts have identified a few basic tips to kick start businesses online, putting them in demand by robots and readers alike. Google is filled with garbage sites littered with nothing but affiliate links and nonsense phrases. They only make money for a few weeks until Google’s algorithms recognize them as spam and blacklist them. To sustain your place in Google long-term, you need attractive, engaging content rich in your favorite keywords and search terms. These two factors are key: Start out with something interesting. You […]

Top 2 Social Media Tips from a College Station SEO Firm

The Best College Station SEO Advice Online College Station SEO companies don’t often give their secrets away for free. There’s a surge in local advertising online, however, and too many businesses are being beaten by companies from outside the area. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to land a first page result in search engines when you follow these two simple tips:  1. Take a Local Focus  Every business with an offline presence should aim to be listed in four important resources on the web:  Google Places Facebook Places Bing Local, and Four Square These are the most popular methods consumers in […]

PPC Advertising: Online Marketing with Instant, Highly-targeted Traffic and Measurable ROI for Your Business

Business owners are reluctant to engage in online marketing activities not because they don’t want to see their website online, or they don’t have the budget for it. Mostly, it’s because they struggle to track Internet marketing’s return on investment or ROI. Indeed it is difficult to invest in something whose value is not obviously apparent. Good thing there’s PPC or pay-per-click advertising.   PPC not only gives businesses quick results, it also tracks these results – allowing owners to see exactly what they are making through this channel. In fact, a recent study showed that 50% of marketers that […]

PPC Marketing: Go ‘Non-Traditional’ Advertising for Instant Website Traffic [Video]

When business owners notice a drop in leads and sales, they typically launch a promotion and advertise it. They publish ads on traditional media – TV, radio, print, outdoor. And if they’re a bit technology savvy, they put promotions on their website. Problem is, these channels don’t always bring in the urgently needed store visits or the much-awaited online purchases. They should have gone with Pay per Click (PPC) advertising instead. Here’s why. Watch the video: Cost and Complexity Perceptions Explained PPC marketing can make your “instant traffic” wishes come true. Despite this, many business owners are reluctant to try […]

Pay per Click Advertising: Why Businesses are Spending and Earning on Paid Search

Years ago, businesses realized that their prospects are online and that if they want to reach their target market, they need to have a website. But today, due to tougher competition, smarter business owners are realizing that having a website and optimizing it for search engines is no longer enough. They now know that pure “organic” or free traffic won’t keep the cash register ringing. They need pay per click or PPC advertising.

Qualities of an Effective Online Marketing Agency: Guide for Business Owners

To give your business a solid online presence, you need the help of an online marketing agency. Research shows that in 91% of small businesses, the CEO also serves as the primary marketer. Playing double roles doesn’t come as a surprise as 96% of these businesses have a staff of five or fewer. Unfortunately, business owners and managers like you simply do not have enough time to dabble and experiment online. The core business – be it a bakery, carwash, dental clinic, or restaurant – needs you. You need to be running operations. Trying to learn the technical aspects of […]

Popularity Contest? You Bet! Understanding the Importance of Reputation to Your College Station SEO

If you’re running a business it’s important to understand how your reputation affects your College Station SEO Online reputation marketing. That’s a fancy term! But what it really means is simple: do your customers like you and would they recommend you? Your online reputation is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have. Let’s face it, the Internet has become a bit of a popularity contest, so it’s vital to understand the importance of reputation to your College Station SEO.   Your Reputation Online When your business has an online presence, your search engine rankings are critical to the amount of […]

How to Evaluate Your Online Marketing Agency Partner [Infographic]

Business owners nowadays understand the importance of working with an online marketing consultant or agency. Owners won’t need to learn the technical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, web design, and other Internet marketing-related services. They can focus on the core business by employing the help of agencies. Now, the only problem is finding the right agency. But unfortunately, many business owners struggle in this aspect. That’s why we came up with an infographic checklist that you can use to score and evaluate the agencies or consultants you are considering working with. Simply give your prospect agency partner […]

[Video] Online Marketing Company and Services Overview: How Does Our Agency Actually Work?

The necessity for your business to have an outstanding online presence and website has never been greater. For this reason, many local business owners like you are trying their best to find digital marketing agencies that can assist them in their online business goals. However, those who have yet to work with a consultant or a marketing group have little idea on what exactly these types of companies do. So how does an online marketing and web design agency actually work? Using our agency as a case study, here’s how.

Concerned About Your College Station SEO? Why Content Marketing Matters

The importance of content marketing in your College Station SEO strategy Content marketing is the creation of content including articles, guides, videos, news, e-books, case studies, photographs, etc., and sharing that information online for your site visitors. So the primary goal of content marketing is to communicate with customers, right? Well, yes, but, no. The primary goal of most content marketing is sales. But content marketing does, if done well, create a sense of community and loyalty with your customers. They will return to your site for information because they trust it. But to get new customers, you need traffic, […]

3 Reasons Your Local Listing in College Station Needs to Be On Point

Why the right information in your local listing in College Station is critical Local listings are search engine results that are reserved for local businesses. These are extremely important to your local business. Your local listing in College Station lets people know who you are, where you are and what you do. But it’s not just a business name and phone number like in the old Yellow Pages days. Here are 3 reasons your local listings in College Station needs to be on point: 1. Search Local, Find Local Google is the most used search engine, as we all know. […]

How Web Design College Station Can Help Your Bottom Line

Understanding how web design college station affects your bottom line 5 seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to prove your business is worthy of someone’s time. 5 seconds for them to decide if you’re trustworthy, if your products or services are what they’re looking for and if what you offer is of value to them. That’s not a lot of time! That’s why web design is crucial to getting people to your site and keeping them there. Here’s how web design can help your bottom line. Lay the Foundation More than 75% of new customers will decide to […]

[Webinar] Branding Your Business Online

Monsters of Marketing Follow Up Webinar To Live March 4th Live Event After the live event on March 4, 2014, Todd McPartlin, takes a deeper look into branding your business online. In this 1 hour live webinar he expands on his presentation and answers questions from attendees. Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] Introduction To Our R4 System – Every Business Should Use These 4 Proven Systems to Increase Their Customer Base

March 18, 2014 – Live Training In this training you will learn the 3 game changers and how to leverage 4 proven marketing strategies to crush your competition. Find out more about our R4 Marketing System.   Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] 7 Advertising Mistakes Made By Most Local Businesses – And How To Avoid Them!

March 25, 2014 – Live Training In this 1 hour live webinar Todd McPartlin walks through 7 mistakes that most local businesses are making in their advertising and how to avoid them. Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] It’s High School All Over Again – Reputation Marketing

April 1, 2014 – Live Training In this 1 hour live webinar Todd McPartlin walks through 4 online marketing game changers. He builds a plan for you to implement to build a 5 star reputation, market your 5 star reputation, manage your online reputation, and finally build a company culture rooted in a 5 star reputation. Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] The Bribe And The Ladder

April 8, 2014 – Live Training In this 1 hour live webinar Todd McPartlin walks through how to build an irresistible offer & increase the lifetime value of your customers, clients or patients. Based on the third chapter, The Bribe And The Ladder, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] You Don’t Need To Create Traffic – Just Step In Front Of It

April 29, 2014 – Live Training Based on the sixth chapter, You Don’t Need To Create Traffic – Just Step In Front Of It, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online, Todd McPartlin walks through the 3 types of traffic and how to get your piece of it. Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] 30 Seconds Of Fame

June 10, 2014 – Live Training In this live webinar Todd McPartlin explains the 10 ways to use video marketing to increase your leads, grow your customer base and grow your business. Based on the 10th chapter, 30 Seconds Of Fame, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

[Webinar] So You Think You Have Fans

Scheduled for June 10, 2014 – Register Here  

Is Ranking Dead? The Importance of Traffic Generation

Why is traffic generation the key to your success? Location, location, location! That’s the motto in real estate, and it’s not very different from what your motto should be for your online business. Where you are in relation to traffic is key to your success. And why is traffic so important? There many reasons you need to understand the importance of traffic generation. First of All, What is Traffic? Traffic is the number of people who go to your site. It can be measured by how many people view your site, the pages they view, and how much time they […]

Why Reputation Is More Important Than Ever

Online marketing research has proven that’s it’s never been easier for people to share how they feel about your business. In real estate it’s location, location, location. In online marketing it’s reputation, reputation, reputation. And some other factors too. But your online reputation is a huge and driving force in whether or not people will give you their business. There are four R’s in a basic online marketing framework and the first one is Reputation. It’s the first level because it’s more important than ever. When you are looking for something you need, a product or service, and you don’t […]

Explaining Reach in Online Marketing and Why It Matters

The basics of reach in online marketing. When we’re talking about reach in the analytics attached to online marketing what we mean is the total number of different people who have been exposed to your business or advertisement at some point during a specific time period. It’s how many people have had the opportunity to see an ad about your business, though it does not include the number of people who respond to the ad or who click through to your page.

3 Ways Resell and Value Go Hand-In-Hand

Up-sell and resell! It’s how to add value to online marketing. Business owners love customers! But even better are repeat customers. But how do we add lifetime value to them and their business? Through resell. Resell is the third R in the four R’s of the online marketing framework. And it goes hand-in-hand with value. Here’s how. 1. Resell. Literally. Reselling the same product or service to existing customers adds value to them as customers. It extends their customer lifecycle. They buy more of the same thing, and that’s good. Return business is awesome. How do we add more?

You Need Referrals. Here’s Why

In online marketing, ads are good, but referrals are better. If you could grow your business through referrals alone, how simple would your online marketing plan be? Though you need more than referrals to get people to your business and to get them to become customers, referrals are still critical to the growth and success of your business. You need referrals. Here’s why. The Benefits of Referrals Referrals from satisfied customers are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your products or services. Not only that, when a customer finds you through a referral from a friend or […]

[Webinar] Sticky Sites For Sweet Profits

April 15, 2014 – Live Training In this 1 hour live webinar Todd McPartlin walks through how to build an sticky website. Creating a website that keeps visitors on your website giving you more time to turn them into a customer. Based on the fourth chapter, Sticky Sites For Sweet Profits, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

The Top 10 Benefits of Online Reputation Marketing for Small Businesses [Infographic]

When you are marketing your company online, you should never ignore the importance of Online reputation marketing (ORM), when considering your full strategy. ORM can be misunderstood at times, especially with a common misconception that ORM relates to fake reviews and testimonials. The reality however is much different, with ORM actually making use of legitimate feedback from consumers that can show your company in a positive light. Another area where ORM gets a bad rap, is the implication that businesses requiring ORM already have bad reputations. Again, this myth is not a reality. ORM can be used both proactively and […]

[Webinar] Content Is King

April 8, 2014 – Live Training In this 1 hour live webinar Todd McPartlin explains what content marketing is, why you need it and the best way to create engaging content. Based on the fifth chapter, Content Is King, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

Don’t let Negative Reviews bring your business down. Boost your image with Online Reputation Marketing [Video]

So much of your reputation is in the hands of consumers, and the things they might say about you online. Negative reviews and testimonials can destroy your reputation and over time, your whole business. Research has shown that the majority of consumers (up to 80%) will no longer purchase from a company after seeing negative opinions about them online. The figures remain the same no matter how the customer heard about your company. So even if they were attracted to you through word of mouth recommendations by friends or family, they would still turn away after seeing a poor review […]

How to Use Content Marketing in 2014

The world of content marketing has a dynamic landscape. From year to year, even sometimes within a few months, new trends and technologies emerge. The great thing about this constant progression is that there are always new and creative ways to distribute your content and strengthen your brand. A lot of the methods in online content marketing are developed to respond to the way search engines treat content. Powerful leaders like Google, Microsoft and Facebook all have an impact on your final search ranking, and therefore your online visibility. We’ve taken a look at the biggest search engine and social […]

Ten Compelling Arguments for Marketing with Pinterest

Social media site, Pinterest, may have had some humble beginnings, but it has risen in ranks to be one of the most popular sites on the Web. What started as a simple “wall” where you could post a couple of photos, has now become the perfect place to promote ideas, products and businesses. For those interested in boosting marketing sales, there are several convincing reasons to make use of the expanding site: Social Media sites receive traffic. Facebook sees an impressive thirty-seven percent of E-commerce’s traffic.  As impressive as that is, that number is surpassed by Pinterest’s percentage of forty-one! […]

Using Social Media & High Quality Content For Online Reputation Marketing

It doesn’t make sense to ignore Online Reputation Management in today’s highly connected, online world. A study in 2013 by Dimensional Research revealed some startling figures about how consumers choose where to do business online. In regards to online reviews, 86% surveyed confirmed that a negative review would negatively impact their buying decision, while a similar 90% said that a positive review would make them more likely to do business with a company. With statistics like that, online reputations today can’t be left to chance. Businesses need to take a proactive approach to online reputation management if they want to […]

[Webinar] The Money Is In Your List

May 6, 2014 – Live Training In this live webinar Todd McPartlin walks through how to build an list, why you need to build a list and the best ways to market to your list. Based on the 7th chapter, The Money Is In Your List, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

Mobile Advertising for the Modern Business

Today businesses have more ways to reach their customers than ever before. With more and more people being connected on the go, mobile platforms have become a viable advertising space for many companies. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, mobile platforms will account for almost 30 billion more search queries than traditional desktop and laptop computers. With statistics like that, businesses need to understand one thing. In the very near future, mobile platforms will be the leading advertising hotspot. To help businesses of all sizes increase brand awareness and market penetration, we’ve outlined a few simple ways […]

Best Practices for Local SEO in 2014

Local SEO has been demystified in 2014. There are a variety of practices that are considered “best practice.” Yes we know that phrase is on the Forbes overused buzz phrases, but in this case it fits. Here’s what’s working best for your local SEO in 2014.Google + page optimization seems to be a must have component for your local SEO. In fact, many companies who do not have that are finding that Google overlooks them in indexing and your optimized page, conversely, means that you are ranked nearly immediately. Google also tends to feature them well in search listings in […]

Five Incredible Branding Methods That Will Increase Your Visibility

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet that will help them to increase their visibility in search. We all want to be the first thing that people see when they seek out a given keyword term. The truth is that most of us could get it right using the simplest methods. All of the marketing gurus in the world can’t help you if you don’t have the basics on your website. What are the basics? 1. Your website has to be right. A high quality, mobile ready, responsive website that shows up on any device that might be used to […]

[Webinar] The Free, Not-So-Free Traffic

May 13, 2014 – Live Training Based on the eighth chapter, The Free, Not-So-Free Traffic, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online, Todd McPartlin walks through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will learn: What is SEO? Why you need it? Why you should care about SEO? How to implement Search Engine Marketing? Watch, Learn & Implement…

Repurpose Content for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Creating content is an overwhelming task at times. You have to put forth a great deal of effort to make it just right not to mention the time this takes. However, do not just create one thing and stop with the idea that it will be enough. Repurposing this creation is another constructive way to do content marketing and it gives your creation added usability. This concept is similar to content syndication, but with different mediums most of the time. We prefer eight main types of medium for repurposing content, and it is important for you to understand that your […]

[Webinar] 3 Keys To Successful Online Lead Generation For Local Businesses

May 20, 2014 – Live Training In this live webinar Todd McPartlin explains the 3 Keys to successful online lead generation for your local business using display advertising. Based on the ninth chapter, Anyone Can Have Traffic – As Long As You Have Money, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

Top 10 Reasons Why Online Consumers Leave Your Shopping Cart Empty Handed

You may be surprised to learn that nearly seventy percent of online shoppers visiting your site, travel through your webpages, arrive at your shopping cart, and exit without making a purchase. This percentage should give you cause for concern. Why are so many individuals who seem to be interested in your product leaving just before investing? Data presented by Statista, (an online statistics portal that offers free information) reveals the top ten explanations for this early departure from the shopping cart. Many of these reasons are beyond your control, but there are several that you may be able to address: […]

What can LinkedIn Showcase Pages do for your business?

First of all, let’s look again at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is presently one of the best online social networking sites. It is very similar to Facebook. While Facebook brings friends and family together, LinkedIn covers business networking. It can aid you in making connections in the business realm, finding quality job candidates, gaining business advice, and bringing in an income. LinkedIn is an enormous gathering of professionals. It gives you round the clock access to valuable information and keeps you tied into the ever changing network of current industries. What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages? LinkedIn’s Company Page has proven to be […]

7 Steps To Get The Most From Your Mobile Website

Mobile phones make the internet accessible from just about any location. We can keep in touch with friends, family and business associates. We can research topics and find current information. For even more convenience, we can shop for nearly anything online. Mobile marketing is becoming more and more prevalent. Research shows that almost 70 percent of online browsers who use a mobile device to visit a website, will prefer to continue to shop with the device, instead of using a PC. The same studies reveal that users who run across a site that is not designed to be easily viewed […]

[Webinar] Anyone Can Have Traffic – As Long As You Have Money

June 3, 2014 – Live Training In this live webinar Todd McPartlin explains the 12 Steps to driving more leads, growing your customer base and growing your business using pay-per-click (PPC) Based on the ninth chapter, Anyone Can Have Traffic – As Long As You Have Money, of his book, Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online. Watch, Learn & Implement…

How to attract more leads to your website using infographics

One of the best and fastest ways to make information dissemination quickly viral is by making use of infographics. Simply put, it is the visual illustration of complex information presented in a simplified manner to make it more comprehensive for the viewers. Living in this fast-paced era, obtaining information that can be obtained at a glance are highly valuable to make use of time more efficiently.  Making use of engaging yet valuable information will give more value to your site. With the right execution and use of infographics, it will prove to be a highly valuable tool to help you […]

5 Easy ways you can automate a portion of your blog promotion

After creating your content for your blog, the next phase would then involve the promotional aspect. Promoting your blog’s post can be a pretty challenging task especially at the beginning. Despite of this, the challenge of promoting your blog post during the beginning is one of the most essential aspect in every blogger’s life. The valuable learnings and characters such as perseverance and persistence are one of the priceless traits that every blogger needs to learn during the process. Luckily though, certain programs and tools are available online to help aid every blogger towards achieving their success online. Here are […]

5 Email Newsletter Metrics You Must Track

If you are an online entrepreneur and you have a website, you know that email newsletters remain a very effective tool for keeping in touch with your customers and selling products, particularly if you have special offers. Newsletters can work wonders for you, but you need to be aware of how well you are doing. Here are five of the most basic newsletter metrics you should keep in mind.   1. Your conversion rate. One of the most important metrics for newsletters is their conversion rate. This refers to the total number of Email recipients who click through the contents of a […]

7 Ways to Get to the Top with Your Local SEO

All website owners and content writers have to accept the fact that SEO, particularly local SEO, is still the key to a healthy readership and good page ranking. No matter how excellent your articles are or how high-quality your product is, unless you are able to master the science of using SEO advantageously, your website will languish in loneliness. Here are seven sensible tips to get to the top of the SEO game and get your audience to notice you.   Invest in finding the appropriate keyword for your local area. You can only find the right local SEO keyword by […]

Avoiding the 7 Most Deadly SEO Mistakes

Every website,whether new or old has a few things that we need to look at in order to evaluate the site and it’s workings from an SEO standpoint. There are seven different things that should be reviewed when doing a website audit that you can check for yourself as you go over your website. The big 7 deadly sins from an SEO standpoint are: 1. Lack of high quality, unique local content-if you’re not consistently updating and adding content to your website then you are going to fall behind people who are doing that. Add new content to your social media and your […]

Optimize Your Brand Presentation

Increasing Your Customer Base By Increasing Your Company's Brand from Todd McPartlin

Why visitors are leaving your website?

When tracking statistics and analyzing the effectiveness of a website, one of the hardest thing for web masters to identify is why visitors are leaving their website. Often when the design is right and the visibility is high, there is still one thing that site owners miss. This critically important aspect is the content on the web site. These days, content is king, and without powerful content that pulls readers in, web sites will lose a large number of their potential audience before they’ve even had a chance to see what a site has to offer. High quality content is the […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Next Facebook Pages Update?

Prepare your Page: Checklist for the next Facebook page update Have you been using Facebook pages for your businesses? If you have, heads up for the new update that will come to your pages. The update promises its users with a new and better user interface that will help maximize Facebook marketing for a more successful business campaign. Thankfully, the Facebook update will not cause some drastic changes in terms of page management and analytics. Most of the changes will simply improve the appearance and optimize your pages to help users easily locate your Facebook page.  The following is a checklist […]

Using Google’s Universal Search To Make Your Images & Video Rank Higher

What is Google’s Universal Search & How to Make Your Images & Videos Rank Higher? Most marketers still find the Google Universal search a bit confusing and complicated, what is it about and how does it work? Google’s Universal search defined is the term given to Google’s new method of delivering search results. Search results, in the past, would only include sites that match the search query. With this new method of obtaining search results, it will provide you with all other media content (videos, images, books, blogs) relevant to the user’s search query. When someone makes a search request, […]

5 Call to Action Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Website Conversions

You tried every trick in the book to get visitors to your pages – optimized landing pages, relevant and great content, usable pages and website design, and great products/services. The metrics reflect a steadily improving trend any webmaster would be happy about. A lot of potential visitors come to your site, but most seem to go without a conversion. What seems to be the missing link? Check the CTA or call to action. Remember smart sales copies can only be as great as their compelling and strategically placed CTA? The Calls to Action are like gatekeepers of the landing pages […]

Top 5 SEO Tactics That No Longer Work in 2014

6 SEO Tactics You Need to Quit Using Through the years many SEO tactics have been developed by content writers and bloggers in an effort to drive traffic into their web pages. For the longest time, these strategies worked, but with the new algorithms that crawl through the web using them could be disastrous. If you have been using these tactics, you need to quit doing so immediately or risk being thrown into the abysmal bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs). 1. Keyword stuffing – It’s a wonder that this practice ever saw the light of day even without […]

Mobile Marketing Doesn’t Matter? Think Again

The Significance of Mobile Marketing Generally, mobile marketing is seen as a mandatory strategy for every business. Yet, most local businesses still haven’t started using it. There is a large amount of opportunity waiting for local business owners. They just have to realize this fact. Mobile activity offers this and they should take advantage of it. There is a purpose to having the latest mobile gadgets. These enable consumers and business owners to connect and understand each other more. You should consider and strengthen your mobile presence. Your local business has to have a strong mobile presence. A large number […]

Have you heard of Triberr?

Everything Essential About Triberr Triberr is definitely an option for you if you want to generate more user engagement and traffic with the use of your business blog.  Triberr is where bloggers congregate. It’s a social network where bloggers of every sort find other bloggers who come up with content in the same area. When they join together, they form tribes. Each time a new blog post is written, it is automatically shared in your own group. The bloggers in your group share it and comment on it via their personal social networking sites. Triberr also comes up with a […]

Best Colors To Use In Your Marketing

If you are exploring ways to succeed in your line of business, have you ever considered using color as a strategy to get the attention of your target market? There seems to be a general inadequacy in terms of research in this area of marketing with most evidences being anecdotal at best. This is why some people take it as a mumbo jumbo. The few significant findings, however, are pointing to how colors can significantly affect thoughts, feelings, moods, and behavior of your market; things that are relevant in marketing psychology.     Why not get into the hype of color psychology and […]

Simple Steps for Successful Content Marketing

Almost anyone who is part of a growing business has heard about the benefits of content marketing. Even though this great marketing strategy is among the most popular techniques today, a lot of businesses are still hesitant to try it.   Content marketing, when done correctly, can make an online business succeed, just like it did many thriving businesses in the cyberspace. However, there are various factors that can make your efforts fail. Take the bandwidth factor as an example. Bandwidth that is compressed can make it more challenging for content marketers to make the reader hang on and stay on […]

Why Does Your Business Need To Bother With Twitter?

Twitter is a valuable marketing avenue that many small businesses fail to take advantage of today. Some neglect to explore its usefulness as a business tool because it seems like something people use mainly on a social level. This is a pity because twitter marketing can do a lot to boost your business. All About Twitter MarketingA recent case study suggests that Twitter ads may be more successful than ads posted on other social networking sites. Ads posted on Twitter, referred to as Promoted Tweets, seem to be more successful in generating leads.A similar survey suggests that Twitter is better […]

Why Should You Market On Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking site that has been used mostly for posting pictures. The truth is, Instagram marketing can also provide the critical push that turns a viewer into a buyer.  Here’s how you can make Instagram work for you.• Use Instagram to let people get to know you. A primary requirement for this is to build a really good profile. Of course, you need to avoid creating a profile that bores other users. It’s important to avoid building an egotistical profile as well. Create a profile that brings out your strong points and what your business has to […]

Can Content Marketing Really Make Conversions Easier?

8 Content Marketing Strategies Leading to Conversions  Content marketing is important to boost web ranking. But, many times, content writers are more concerned about showing off pieces of verbiage mastery to impress the reading public. While it is good skill, it is only half the battle in creating a successful content marketing to distribute valuable information about the company and convert the audience into patronizing customers. Knowing how you can complement your content with a conversion strategy is the key to make your webpage flourish.    In order to meet your prospects at the point where they can decide or commit to […]

Do you use PPC? The Pros and Cons to using it for your local business

There is a common perception that pay per click (PPC) ads aren’t really for local business; that needs to be dispelled. PPC is capable of doing a great deal of good advertising for a small business, particularly a brand new one. It is also called cost per click (CPC), an Internet marketing formula for calculating the amount that online advertisers pay the publisher or website owner when the ad is clicked, whether or not a sale is made.   PPC is considered a simple way to boost traffic quicker than traditional methods, such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is seen […]

4 Reason Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile Website

Highlighting the Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is a Must for Your Business   As a small business owner, one of your concerns is to find the fastest way to deliver and receive information, pushing your product or service in the market. Why not go mobile? With 91 percent of adults keeping their mobile devices within arms’ reach 24/7, it makes sense to use mobile marketing as part of your business plan. Technology keeps moving forward, and you don’t want to be left behind with standard “old school” advertising methods. Going mobile can be a fabulous way to give your business a boost. […]

5 Ideas For Your Irresistible Offer

Latest Practices in Creating a Freebie as a Giveaway Making site visitors sign up for your emails requires more than just good looks. Ethical bribery is now an order. This is a process of delivering a freebie or a giveaway as a tempting incentive, so that your target individual can be part of your e-mail list. Most online entrepreneurs decide to give away a restructured eBook that has PLR or private label rights. What they do not know is that many issues spring up with this move. PLR eBooks seem to put down your business image before you even start the […]

Top 6 Email Marketing 101 Tips

Top 6 Email Marketing Tips Are you looking for more ways to market your products and services online? Have you given up on email marketing? You should not. It is by far, the most consistent form of communication for business and personal matters alike. However, there are strategies that you should integrate with your email marketing process. Here are a 6 email marketing tips: 1. Links inside your email. Your email may contain narratives of introducing your company or promoting a new product or service of your business. What you should not forget is to include a link of it within the […]

The 9 Best Social Media Tools

Figuring out what works well to enhance social marketing is not easy. It is incredibly time consuming to manage several different tasks from blogging to marketing and advertising. Social media tools can help simplify your job. However, it is often tricky to choose which among the various social media tools can meet your needs. Oftentimes it’s a good idea to try a few of them, but you can also take a cue from social media mavens when it comes to the best tools that can fast track your job.Take a look at these 9 hottest social media tools recommended for […]

Want more social media clicks?

Optimize Social Media Posts and Watch Clicks Grow   It is true that social media can do quite a bit for your website. It is also a reality, that your posts can get lost in the shuffle  before your target audience gets the chance to read them. For your content to survive slipping away and getting buried beneath the updates of others, need to learn a few tips and tricks about social media marketing.   To do this, you must learn to optimize your social media posts and set them upfor engagement through shares, likes, re-tweets, comments, and follows. These three ways […]

How Google My Business Can Help Your Small Business

How Google My Business Can Make Small Business Perform Better   Google has a new offering, Google My Business, that is designed to simplify and improve Google web visibility for small business owners. This one-stop page is a convenient hub for small, local businesses to administer their presence on various Google products, from Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Whereas before, small businesses had to struggle in managing information using separate services, now Google My Business enables users to have their presence felt from a single dashboard.   Multiple Google Services in One Place   The new platform consists of powerful Google […]

Do you know how much your “Free” Giveaway costs you?

Know How Much Your “Free” Giveaway Costs Giving away “freebies” is one of the popular ways for many businesses to encourage future sales. Whether your company is big or small, hosting a website or blog that offers giveaways is a powerful and effective marketing strategy to increase traffic, create awareness and attract more customers. No matter how worn out the concept is, getting something free usually excites most people, except perhaps the marketers who need to deal with the cost. Knowing the real costs, involving time and money, to create and ship the free products can help the marketer obtain […]

Top Google Ranking Factors in 2014

Have Your SERP Rank Higher Organically with Top Google Ranking Factors Increasing your rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the best way to generate free traffic to a website. This means that if you want a high organic ranking in Google’s SERP you need to demystify its algorithm. With about 200 Google ranking factors and the volatility of Google’s algorithm, landing on the top of the list can be difficult. Here are 15 ranking factors to get your website rolling. Domain Factors 1. Domain name with keyword. The keyword in the domain may not have the same impact as it did before, […]

Need a lead magnet to offer?

Lead Magnet Strategies to Attract Subscribers and Followers When you’ve set up your website and you’ve followed all white hat SEO best practices, the next thing you need to do is attract website subscribers or fan page’s followers. How to start? Ask yourself, what makes you stay interested at any page you are browsing? Is it the color of the website? Is it the information? Most of the time, you arrive at the website because you saw an interesting post, right? It may be an Instagram photo or a coupon code you’ve have wanted to get. Basically, there are two […]

Trouble Ranking Your Local Business – 4 Ranking Factors To Review

Four Ranking Factors to Review Do you put up a website and expect customers to come knocking? Putting up a website for your business is just the start. It is actually the easiest part of generating a pool of potential consumers for your products and services. However, it doesn’t end there. Putting up a website is like setting up your stand in a marketplace. You just don’t put it up and expect people to buy. You should make sure you get noticed. What do you do to get noticed? You put up signs, advertise on going sales on items or […]

Is Your Content Missing an Afterlife?

Mistakes to Avoid If You Want an Afterlife for Your Content  Each article you write or video you produce is special. It is something you watched grow, just like your baby. You think it is awesome and you expect it to be noticed, even “go viral.” A viral afterlife, after all, is what every website owner engaged in content marketing wants, but it is unpredictable.  It is disheartening when it does not catch fire as you expected. Of course, you are aware there are no guarantees that your content will catch the fancy of your target audience. If most content […]

Got Mobile? The Time Is Now

Catching on Mobile Marketing … Now Mobile has become fully entrenched into the very fabric of modern life. It’s one of those must-have things that people keep in their purses, bags or pockets. You sleep with it. You take it to the shower. You eat with it beside you. Whether you’re a big fan or not is beside the point; it has become a powerful gadget so that you can’t live a normal modern day life without it. If you are in marketing, especially local, it’s a no brainer that your business needs a mobile website to engage in mobile […]

How To Expand Your Company’s Brand Through Online Marketing

Fueling Digital Marketing for an Optimized Brand Do you want your products leaping off the shelf, get people talking about your brand or your sales growing? If these are your clear goals, you need to focus on connecting your brand to specific visual and verbal elements eliciting recognition from your target audiences. This is not an easy goal to achieve; you need brand optimization. This is not cheap in this digital age either. You need to have an adequate marketing budget to optimize your brand. Digital marketing is all too important if you want to enjoy a growing business, an […]

Need Social Media Clicks? Here is How to Get Them

How to Get More Social Media Clicks Social media has become a huge superhighway of opportunities to gain more profit for your online business. Coming up with useful and clever posts for your LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook accounts can be a challenge at times. Whatever combination you think of using, if your guests don’t click on that link, nothing’s going to happen. You have to come up with ways on making your guests click on your links. Social media is a great means to do this. There is nothing like using the power of connectivity to get the results […]

LinkedIn Not Working For You? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

Why You Should Improve Your LinkedIn Profile When it comes to establishing your credentials online, LinkedIn is a fantastic way to do it. If you use it properly, you can establish numerous professional contacts and leads. LinkedIn can even send four times more leads back to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. If you want LinkedIn to work for you, you have to pay more attention to it. A great platform like LinkedIn cannot work effectively for you because of the following reasons: Poor picture quality or inappropriate picture. Potential employers need to see you clearly, so post a photo […]

Facebook Dos and Donts

Keep  These Facebook DOs and DONTs in Mind Who doesn’t know about Facebook? With almost a billion subscribers worldwide, it is not just a passing fad for interactive social conversation. For people website owners looking at doing effective Internet marketing, Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for reaching millions. For the best results, you can’t just spontaneously post a status or post links without paying attention to what is being said. There are really rules about how you will conduct an online conversation in this social network, but you still need to pay close attention to your netiquette. To be able to […]

What to Make of the Recent Google Pigeon Update for Local

The 3 Effects of the Google Pigeon Update on Local Searches Do you have a website for a local business? If you do, you should be concerned about the recent Google Pigeon Update as it is said to impact local search results. The update took effect July 24, 2014 and has an algorithm that is designed to improve local search results that are closely tied to customary net search ranking signals. Google intends to make distance and location ranking factors better with this update, but what do you know about it? You can have be having a really bad business time recently without knowing […]

7 Tips To Increase Your Checkout Conversions

The number of prospective buyers abandoning their shopping carts and stopping conversions just before checkout is huge at over 67 percent. This is according to documented abandonment statistics gathered by Baymard Institute (September 2014). The statistical figures this study provides are averages derived from a collection of 22 studies, making it a good representative sample of the population or checkout conversions. In certain studies, dropping out from the checkout page can be as high as 80.3 percent. The significant cart abandonment happens for various reasons. The collection of Baymard studies successfully identified 14 of them. Some are what you may […]