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Repurpose Content for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Repurpose Content for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Content Marketing

Creating content is an overwhelming task at times. You have to put forth a great deal of effort to make it just right not to mention the time this takes. However, do not just create one thing and stop with the idea that it will be enough. Repurposing this creation is another constructive way to do content marketing and it gives your creation added usability. This concept is similar to content syndication, but with different mediums most of the time.

We prefer eight main types of medium for repurposing content, and it is important for you to understand that your original content can start with any of them. However, you are not limited as to how you expand upon them for other uses.

Below are the main eight methods for repurposing your content that we prefer!

  1. Articles and blog posts are typically the origins of your content. You should post this original content onto your own blog or website. It will help you attain higher ranking in the search engines when the content is high enough quality.
  2. Podcasts will vastly increase traffic for you when you make audios of your original content a place in various podcast directories and iTunes.
  3. Videos allow you gain authority, links and higher traffic volume that comes with a YouTube posting. This does not have to be a complicated thing to create as a slideshow makes an ideal video.
  4. Slideshows will get the attention of Google when you post them to sites such as Scribd.com and Slideshare.net and as a result an amazing increase in direct traffic!
  5. Infographics will drive traffic to your site effectively. All you have to do is post them on websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to increase your flow of traffic.
  6. PDFs are another ideal format for your content marketing and you can post them to numerous directories throughout the Internet.
  7. Transform it into micro content for use on social media sites. You do this by dividing long pieces of content into smaller sections. Social media is only one place you can use micro content.
  8. Hangouts and webinars are other ideal places to repurpose content. Use the content in Google Hangout meeting with other people or provide it in webinars to inform them. Content converts easily for either of these uses.

You should not let all your content stay only in its original form for effective content marketing. Repurpose it in all the above ways for the best results from your marketing efforts. It will greatly increase the ability of the content to drive more traffic to your website!