Are you are a local business? We offer a fully customized, built for you plan at a fair price.

Allow us to handle your online marketing division, so you can focus on what you do best!

Local Display Advertising / Banner Ads

Want to increase your brand awareness? Do your potential customers know that you exist?

Local display advertising targets your potential customers, clients or patients where they spend most of their time: on the web! I am sure that you have noticed the banner ads on popular websites like ESPN, Martha Stewart, The Weather Channel and CNN just to name a fraction of where we can serve up your advertising. The best part about this service is we target only web surfers in your local geo-location. Local Display Advertising gives your company brand awareness that competes with the “BIG BOYS”.

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Our Local Display Advertising Service:

  • Reach your target market on major websites
  • Brand your business as a major business
  • Cost per impression is less than other traditional forms of media marketing - less than .01 per impression
  • Appear to be a major player in your local market

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is different than reputation management. Management is defensive where marketing is offensive. So what is reputation marketing? Reputation Marketing is a service to build a 5 star reputation online and then leverage that reputation to attract more customers.

There are basically 4 types of reputations online: a bad reputation, no reputation, a good reputation and a 5 star reputation. Which one do you want to have? Remember you are only one customer away from a bad reputation.

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Our reputation marketing service:

  • Claim the best business directories for your niche
  • Develop your 5 Star Reputation
  • Market your 5 Star Reputation
  • Manage your reputation
  • Create a reputation marketing culture in your company

Websites That Convert

In today’s environment you need more than a fancy website or a pre-built site.  Today the average visitor decides in 15 seconds or less if you site is worth their time.  You need an engaging site that will attract your visitors and convert them into customers.  Your site must capture their information and then you need to know what to do with that information once you have it.

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Our professional website design service:

  • We can build you a brand new site from the ground up
  • Tweak your existing site to turn visitors into customers
  • Build additional lead generation site to compliment your existing site
  • Well designed sites with marketing first in mind
  • Is your site mobile friendly? 42% of mobile phone users have a smart phone.  61% of smartphone users conduct local search on their phone.