Display Advertising

The best way to explain display ads is to liken them to a billboard that follows your target customer around online. So basically it’s a virtual billboard but better!
8 Reasons Display Ads Are Great
  1. More “impressions” than drive by cars.
  2. More track-able – Meaning you can receive analytics on campaign performance including impressions served, click through rate, etc.
  3. Ads will run on thousands of websites!
  4. Geo-Targeted Ads – Campaigns are geo-targeted to users in YOUR desired 15, 25, 50 or 75 mile radius.
  5. Advanced targeted audience group – Narrow your target further with selection of special interest groups.
  6. Re-targeting – your ad will follow interested customers.
  7. Be top of mind - BRANDING, BRANDING, BRANDING!
  8. Environmentally friendly – Less billboard clutter on our roads.
  • The cost per impression is less than ONE CENT. 
  • Imagine the cost of acquisition of a customer costing less than one cent!  
Why Choose Us?
  • We are flexible - NO long-term contracts
  • We are exclusive - We ONLY provide this service to one company per industry in a geo-targeted area.
  • We wrote the book on it - We wrote the book on online marketing. Automation Domination: A Business Owner's Guide To Dominating Your Market Online is available at all major retailers.
This is an amazing opportunity and we are happy to explain how this service can benefit the reach of your brand further.  Call us today 979-314-7213.

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