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iMarketing Leader's Online Marketing System iMarketing Leader's Online Marketing System

Our Marketing System


How the 4 R’s of Online Marketing Can Change the Way You Do Business

Can this approach to online marketing really help you grow your business?

There’s a framework to online marketing that includes 4 R’s. These can literally change the way you do business. Here’s an introduction to our online marketing system and a breakdown of the 4 R’s. 

R #1: Reputation

Reputation is what all businesses strive for in order to succeed and be viewed in a positive light. Online reputation is no exception. Your business, products and services are viewed even more critically than ever before because of the instant access to reviews and customer feedback. Online marketing is vital to building your reputation so that you can ensure your reputation stays positive and intact.

R #2: Reach

Self explanatory, yes? How far can your business reach? Who are your potential customers and can you reach them? Online marketing can help you reach your targeted prospects and to make yourself known to the customers you want to do business with.

R #3: Resell

A percentage of your overall sales should be from returning customers, hence the term resell. Effective online marketing can help you maximize the value of each customer by selling more products, new products or up-selling them on the products they already have or are already buying.

R #4: Referral

Referrals are golden. Positive reviews and word of mouth can create new customers on their own. But getting those reviews seen by other potential customers becomes the key, and is one of the tools of online marketing. Growing your business through referrals is a huge bonus, but you need to generate those referrals through online marketing.

The R4 online marketing system can change the way you do business. iMarketing Leader created this framework and can help you grow your business with this approach. Click here to learn more about our marketing system watch a webinar that Todd McPartlin recently did to explain this powerful marketing system.