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What's the Big Deal About Web Design? What's the Big Deal About Web Design?

Web Design

What’s the Big Deal About Website Design?

How important is web design to your business?

There are plenty of build-it-quick, do-it-yourself web design sites out there. You can build your own site in minutes! But is that what you really want? Is that what’s going to drive traffic to your site and keep it there? It’s hard to believe a quickie site is going to be the one that a customer looks at and decides it’s the one they’ve been waiting for to make their online purchase. So what’s the big deal about web design? Glad you asked.


Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on the Internet or shopping online, and that’s pretty much everyone these days, can tell a homemade site from a professional one. Your credibility is on the line, and online, when someone sees your site for the first time. In your business, web design can be the determining factor in a customer’s decision to give you their business or go elsewhere. How your site looks creates a sense of credibility for your business and your product. Look like an amateur, and they’ll go elsewhere.


There are millions of businesses out there, and even locally, there are multiple options for anyone searching online for a product or service. Customers will give their business to whoever they feel they can trust. Your business and the web design you choose will speak volumes about your trustworthiness. Online shoppers are sophisticated and experienced and your site needs to be professional and must show them you are a legitimate business that is also reliable and easily accessible. Yes, they can tell all of this from your business web design.

Credibility and trust are two of the biggest factors that will determine who a customer chooses to give their business to. A professional website design will drive them to be your customer or it will send them elsewhere. Don’t let them go to someone else.

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