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Ten Compelling Arguments for Marketing with Pinterest

Ten Compelling Arguments for Marketing with Pinterest

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Social media site, Pinterest, may have had some humble beginnings, but it has risen in ranks to be one of the most popular sites on the Web. What started as a simple “wall” where you could post a couple of photos, has now become the perfect place to promote ideas, products and businesses. For those interested in boosting marketing sales, there are several convincing reasons to make use of the expanding site:

  1. Social Media sites receive traffic. Facebook sees an impressive thirty-seven percent of E-commerce’s traffic.  As impressive as that is, that number is surpassed by Pinterest’s percentage of forty-one!
  2. Pinterest is a hot spot. The media site continues to grow in popularity. It has rapidly become the 16th most frequented site in the U. S.
  3. The website offers trusted Information from a trusted source. Research shows that 81 percent of the women who use the internet consider Pinterest to be a trustworthy site in which to gain information.
  4. Pinterest’s bounce rates are lower than other sites. Visitors stop by Pinterest, and stick around about four and a half times longer than they do when they drop in on LinkedIn.
  5. The media site’s re-posted pins circulate interest. Eight out of ten posts on Pinterest will be pinned again leading to those pin’s potential to “go viral”.  Re-pins draw continual attention to the subject of the pin.
  6. Pinterest users respond well to incentives. A group of mothers were asked if they would be interested in specific rewards and deals in exchange for “liking” or “following” a brand posted on Pinterest. Fifty percent agree.
  7. Pinterest visitors are shoppers. According to statistics almost fifty percent of those that make purchases online have been persuaded by Pinterest’s recommendations to make those purchases.
  8. Individuals with disposable incomes are attracted to Pinterest. The majority of the site’s visitors are prospering. The average annual income of these users is over $100,000.
  9. Retailers recognize the site’s potential. Nine out of ten internet specialty retailers in the U. S. use Pinterest, an eleven percent increase from 2012.
  10. There is the potential to increase cash flow with Pinterest. Facebook users following information leading them to a business’s site, spent an average of $40 while those following Pinterest leads, were willing to part with $80.

Marketers looking for new customers should not overlook any of the internet’s resources. Pinterest is one of the most effective ways, on line, to get the word out about a new or existing marketing industry or organization.