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Top Google Ranking Factors in 2014

Top Google Ranking Factors in 2014

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, SEO

Have Your SERP Rank Higher Organically with Top Google Ranking Factors

Increasing your rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the best way to generate free traffic to a website. This means that if you want a high organic ranking in Google’s SERP you need to demystify its algorithm. With about 200 Google ranking factors and the volatility of Google’s algorithm, landing on the top of the list can be difficult. Here are 15 ranking factors to get your website rolling.

Domain Factors

1. Domain name with keyword. The keyword in the domain may not have the same impact as it did before, but it is still important. Using the keyword at the start of the URL is considered better than putting it in the middle or at the end of the domain name.

2. The age of the domain. A difference between six-months and a one-year old domain isn’t very significant. If the difference, however, is longer than 6 months, Google tends to rank older domains higher.

Page-level Factors

3. Title tag with the keyword at the start. Next to content, the title tag is the page’s most vital SEO signal. Get your site performing better by using the keyword as the first word in the title tag.

4. Use of keyword frequent enough without going overboard. The repeated use of keyword is another relevancy signal. Make sure that it will not be abused, though, as it can also hurt the page.

5. Longer, relevant content. Google doesn’t like short and insignificant content. Get Google’s approval with content of 1000 words or longer.

6. URL with the keyword. The use of keyword in URL, important in relevancy signal, also helps the page rank better especially with long tail phrases and when used at the start.

Site-level Factors

7. Valuable content with distinctive insights. If you want Google to improve your SERP, make sure the content is fresh, relevant and brings something new and important to the table.

8. Usable site. Well-designed and constructed sites can make it more appealing to Google. A usable site also loads faster and is easier to navigate.

9. Google loves video content. Google owns YouTube and therefore loves it when there are videos in the content.

Backlink Factors

10. Links to authority sites. Boost organic ranking through outgoing or outbound links to sites considered as leaders in the market.

11. Enough contextual links. These are the links found in the content, particularly in the inner pages. Make these links looking natural (not spammy) to get Google’s attention.

12. Links at the start of content. The location of links matter. Put them at the beginning for them to carry more impact.

Social Signals

13. Relevancy using social media. Getting the content shared, liked, re-tweeted, pinned, voted and weighed +1 in various social media are signals of the content’s social engagement and popularity.

Brand Signals

14. Simple but strong brand name. The anchor text for the brand will rank better if it is simple, but carries a strong brand signal.

On-site and Off-page Webspam Factors

15. Offensive Panda and Penguin penalties. Don’t let Panda and Penguin Updates annihilate your site. Avoid penalties by putting up high-quality content

It is virtually impossible to tackle all 200 Google ranking factors at one time. Start smart with these 15 factors to attain higher organic ranking and benefit from free traffic.