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Google's Universal Search Make Your Images & Video Rank

Using Google’s Universal Search To Make Your Images & Video Rank Higher

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Industry News

What is Google’s Universal Search & How to Make Your Images & Videos Rank Higher?

Most marketers still find the Google Universal search a bit confusing and complicated, what is it about and how does it work?

Google’s Universal search defined is the term given to Google’s new method of delivering search results. Search results, in the past, would only include sites that match the search query. With this new method of obtaining search results, it will provide you with all other media content (videos, images, books, blogs) relevant to the user’s search query. When someone makes a search request, a page will be shown that displays a list of related local businesses along with other images, videos, pages and other content that is relevant to what the user is searching for.

To put it simply, the universal search is the fusing of all of Google’s vertical searches from search engines like Google images, Google News & videos and compiling it into a comprehensive search result listing.

Use the following points to help make your images & videos rank higher in the universal search:

For Videos:

• Have a good mark-up code. In order to make your videos rank higher, obtaining a good mark up code is essential. The higher the value of information you give to Google’s web crawlers will result to a higher page ranking.

• Create valuable Content. The content of the video and its relevance to the audience is a very crucial factor in determining how your content will rank higher with the Google universal search. Make sure that the content of the video you will be sharing is something that will bring value and benefit for your targeted audience.

• Display your Video Details (description, duration of the vid, publication date, number of views, rating information) Displaying these details of your video to the public speaks of credibility and transparency to your audience. The more rating, likes, views, interaction and comments that can be seen on your video, the better it is for the universal search and the audience to analyze your video’s content value.

• Create engaging & attractive graphics. Just as the saying goes that a first impression lasts, so does having an engaging graphics for your videos generate a lasting impression to your videos. Having attractive and engaging graphics for thumbnails is vital in ensuring that you attract more viewers into your video page. Update and tweak your designs to make it more attractive for your viewers, take advantage of the free professional image-editing softwares available in the net.

For Images:

• Make your images unique. One of the most vital factors to be considered for your images to rank higher in the universal search is the uniqueness of your image. Note that the recent changes has made Google search better in identifying the unique ones and those that aren’t.

• Optimize your images. Having a valuable image content works side by side with excellent optimization, make sure to optimize your images with appropriate title and alt tags that will draw users towards your content. Use high traffic keywords that users will most likely type in the search box, make sure that the keywords you use are relevant to the image you have.

• Bring value & information. What can your image give your viewers? Will it bring value to your audience? Is it relevant to them? These are just some of the few questions you should consider before making your image. Remember, that the whole point of sharing your images is to bring something to your audience that will move them into action, touch their hearts and provide information. In order to ensure that your image will rank higher in the universal search, bring your audience excellent value and information that will be relevant to them.

Your videos and images can become your best asset for your site, the contents that you post will reflect the author or the site owner. The 1st spot in Google search result may be hard to earn but it can be a very worthy spot to earn. Make it a point to give it your best to ensure that your content earns the spot that it deserves – and it is at the top!