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Want more social media clicks?

Want more social media clicks?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Optimize Social Media Posts and Watch Clicks Grow
It is true that social media can do quite a bit for your website. It is also a reality, that your posts can get lost in the shuffle  before your target audience gets the chance to read them. For your content to survive slipping away and getting buried beneath the updates of others, need to learn a few tips and tricks about social media marketing.
To do this, you must learn to optimize your social media posts and set them upfor engagement through shares, likes, re-tweets, comments, and follows. These three ways that can help you optimize your social media for more clicks. 
• Talk to your audience and ask for clicks. It is easy to ask, particularly if your content delivers value to your audience. All it takes is a little push to get them going where you want them to go or clicking what you want them to click. Enable the social sharing on your landing pages and make the process easier for them. 
• Give them a strong call-to-action (CTA). How do you nudge your page visitors to click, go further down the page or explore the other pages of your site? Give them a valuable content that will answer a concern and show them and give them an irresistible and clear CTA. “Buy Now” and “Click Here” are  overused they likely to be ignored rather than clicked. Instead ask them to click “Get a copy of a free report” or “Subscribe now for updated news on product X.” 
• Use visually appealing imageries. You can’t underestimate the importance of creative imagery in capturing the attention and interest of your audience. “Content is king,” but you must attract site visitors and keep them there for a few seconds to understand what your site has to offer. Sparking interest is more easily achieved with an engaging visual. Why do you think Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook are grabbing a lot of attention? It is because images rule! 
There are a host of other tips and tricks to optimize your social media posts. Use simple images that are scaled for mobile devices as these are read by about 80 to 85 percent of target audiences in Facebook. Use short URLs when posting tweets; an impressive number of re-tweets are generated by Bit.ly, which makes it imperative that you shorten URLs in Twitter. For Pinterest, go for red or multiple colors (pink and dark green). If you want twice as many repins, red and orange are your colors, since multiple colors can increase likes and repins threefold. You can use a hashtag (#) on Instagram and Vine posts, add tags and a catchy title your YouTube videos, and get a great-looking theme on your Tumblr posts. 
To optimize your posts and make readers click them, it is important to know and use the dynamics of your social networks. The effort will all be worth it your posts will engage your target audience, build your brand and increase leads and conversions.