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Why Does Your Business Need To Bother With Twitter?

Why Does Your Business Need To Bother With Twitter?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Social Media

Twitter is a valuable marketing avenue that many small businesses fail to take advantage of today. Some neglect to explore its usefulness as a business tool because it seems like something people use mainly on a social level. This is a pity because twitter marketing can do a lot to boost your business.

All About Twitter Marketing

A recent case study suggests that Twitter ads may be more successful than ads posted on other social networking sites. Ads posted on Twitter, referred to as Promoted Tweets, seem to be more successful in generating leads.

A similar survey suggests that Twitter is better able to get messages across, and it also promotes brands more effectively. Twitter also helps audiences build more favorable perceptions about brands, and even encourages people to make a purchase.

Using Twitter Effectively

Twitter can be a powerful machine to help establish a business’ place in the market, driving up sales. Many business owners overlook this potential, but you want to avoid making the same mistake. If you want to use twitter as an amazing marketing tool, here’s what you can do.

• Position Twitter as part of your marketing strategy. Review your current marketing strategy and make adjustments so that it includes Twitter. Map this strategy clearly and implement it.

• Create a profile worth reading. Examine your profile and fix it so that it allows people to see the best in you and your business. A lot of people who start small businesses forget that their profile is part of the brand they are trying to create. A profile gives your potential market a glimpse into how your product can meet their needs so don’t waste it.

• Do your research. Twitter is all about social networking, so go ahead and network! While you are at it, try to be a prominent bleep in the radar of movers in the circle of your business. Their recognition of your product will be a mega plus in attracting customers.

• Enhance your tweets. Your tweets should contain more than a sales pitch. Create interest in what you have to say by using graphics, images, and videos. Remember, being on Twitter doesn’t mean just sending off any line that occurs to you.

• Be interactive. As a business owner, remember that you need to create a following. This does not come only from good tweets, it also comes from being able to engage your audience.

• Learn to use hashtags effectively. Hashtags allow you to establish yourself as a person and a business worth listening to. Learn how to use hashtags as well as retweeting to lead people to content that will be of use to your audience. Take full advantage of hashtags to express statements that you have given serious thought to.

• Twitter is all about give and take. Never make the mistake of treating it like an advertisement opportunity. The advertising part comes as a by-product and as a bonus. 

Join Twitter, use hashtags, retweet for the purpose of networking and expanding your circle. DO that well, and the rest will follow.



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