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Why visitors are leaving your website?

Why visitors are leaving your website?

Written by Todd McPartlin on . Posted in Blog, Web Design

When tracking statistics and analyzing the effectiveness of a website, one of the hardest thing for web masters to identify is why visitors are leaving their website.

Often when the design is right and the visibility is high, there is still one thing that site owners miss. This critically important aspect is the content on the web site. These days, content is king, and without powerful content that pulls readers in, web sites will lose a large number of their potential audience before they’ve even had a chance to see what a site has to offer.

High quality content is the driving force behind successful websites today. But what makes ordinary content in to the kind of content that will attract and retain visitors?

Let’s take a look at the best ways for site owners to create the content that will see their readership achieve growth and sustained on-page time.

  1. Do your research. While many might be adverse to research because of the time it can consume, it will actually help to lend more credibility and natural confidence to your content. This can help to attract readers and keep them looking through your articles and pages.

  2. Choose interesting topics. This might seem obvious, but strangely around the web, there are still page owners who haven’t grasped this concept. Everything you post should be in some way relevant to your site, to your business, and to your products and services if you are selling something. But what many forget, is that there are interesting spins you can put on content which makes it both relevant, and attention grabbing. Look to build high quality content not just through the obvious types of writing, but through abstract and alternative ideas as well.

  3. Write your content well. If you’re not that confident, hire a professional writer. The type of content that you present will make all of the difference in to whether people want to read it or not. Ideas should be fully fleshed out but written in a concise and easy to digest manner. Similarly, punctuation and correct grammar should be a priority. Poorly written pieces will soon turn viewers away.

  4. Use your content as a vehicle for your SEO. SEO techniques can help to keep your content in line with your goals. Be sure to target keywords and to write in a manner appropriate to your audience. Conversational tones work in a lot of situations, but certain sites will require more academically, or technically worded writing. 

Above all, keep your content interesting and engage your audience. Learn about them, and cater to their interests. The battle to keep readers on your page is fought and won with the quality of the content that you provide.

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